Wednesday, January 14, 2015

MUM's the word!



So what is W2's Mix Ur Media (aka - MUM)?  Well simply, it is going to be a limited edition as well as a LIMITED QUANTITIES Monthly Kit. I have been working hard collecting items and products that I will use for these monthly kits.  

Each kit will have a theme.  Some may seem more geared towards art journaling, some more towards scrapbooking, all can easily be used for BOTH!  My goal is to keep the price under $20.00 (CDN)....including shipping (US customers, $25.00 due to shipping rates)!  These kits will be a selection of all kinds of items, not ever being a complete pack of any one thing.  I really want to encourage you to think outside the product and therefore your comfort a good way! If the item does not fit within the Canada Post requirements for 'Oversized Lettermail' it will not be in one of my kits.  I am choosing to do this so the price can stay under the stated cap.  This should also encourage to to use what is in the kit and not continue to 'build' your stash, and with any luck...inspire you to use more products - perhaps in a new way!  Many items will be 'consumable' others, you will be able to use again and again!

Kits will be released on the last Monday of each month.  There will be no requirements or commitments to sign up for "X" number of months.  Simply, it will be first come first serve.  All kits will be purchased through this blog via the Buy Now button at the bottom of that month's kit post.

The morning of the release I will post the price and number of kits available, along with photos of the kit and sample projects.  Remember, there will be limited quantities, so once they are gone....they are gone for good!  I will never repeat a kit.  Also, being that there will be so many different and unique items at times, not all kits will be identical.  I will do my best to keep them as close as possible of course.  Kits will be mailed out that day or the following (Canada Post permitting).

So what is coming first?  Here is a teaser for you...

See you here on Monday January 26th!

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