Thursday, May 14, 2015

Projects, Projects Projects!

I (once again) will open the blog post with yet another apology! I have simply taken on too much and am running myself ragged.  So time to play catch up and share more details on my April Mix Ur Media Kit for W2 Scrapbooking (as promised a few weeks ago)!

Bathing in PanPastels:

This is technique is straight out of Dina Wakley's Art Journal Courage Book.  I simply used my own stamps and images and made it my own.  So out of respect for Dina Wakley, I will not go into too much detail(s).

I started of by stamping my image (Dina Wakley Media Stamp Collage Hearts), then applying PanPastels (Donna Downey #2 Set)

I then pulled out my trusty built in paint brushes (my fingers) and got busy adding some more color.  In this case, Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paints (Lime)

Once all the painting was done, I laid over one of my favorite stencils (Traci Bautista 'Love Collage' by Stencil Girl) and removed some of the paint and panpastels with a baby wipe through the stencil. 

so cool!

Next it was time to add an image - in this case, I used a vintage cut out from Splash of Color that was included in the April Kit

Put her on using Matte Medium.

I believe this is where I kind of went of course...typical Wendy!  I pulled out my Gelli Plate, applied paint to it and spread it out using my Brayer, then doodled on it using the end of a paint brush.  Then instead of lifting the images with a sheet of paper...I slapped the Gelli Plate directly onto my journal page! Cool!!

Deciding that the hearts needed to 'pop' - I pulled out my All Stabilo Black Pencil and drew around the hearts and blended with my finger.

Liquid Gold:

This page was inspired by the new Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paints....METALLICS!!
If I remember correctly, this was my take on an image I saw on Pinterest...just wish I could remember who's!

Started off using torn up parts of the vintage pattern from the kit (the instructions in the pattern).  I adhered them using matte medium.

I purposely made the papers wrinkle so I would create texture.  Added a coat of gesso, then quickly sprayed it with water and spread it out using a large brush.  Once it was dried, I applied each of the metallics using an old hotel key card.

when it was somewhat dry, I added circles using an empty toilet paper roll dipped in Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Black Paint

I started to add some more items from the kit - flashcards, metal adornment and rub ons.  This is where I decided it needed another POW - so I added Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paint in Magenta!

You can also see in the above picture along with the one below, I added more black using my All Stabilio Black Pencil and Fineline Applicator filled with black paint (and air brush medium).

How do I measure up?

This one was a fun one!  I must say I learned a ton doing this one.  I took my 9x9" sheet of Tim Holtz paper and cut up all the ruler images.  

After putting Gesso down, I started putting them all down using matte medium.

Applied a washed out layer of gesso over top of the entire page to soften the color tone down. 

Thinking it needed 'texture' I added drywall mud (as I had run out of Modeling Paste) through a Tim Holtz Layering Stencil Chevron 

I let it dry over night...let the learning process begin!
Knowing I wanted to try a technique using Lindy's Stamp Gang Sprays I have seen Marta Lapkowska use, lesson #1...drywall mud is not the best option when adding as much water as this takes!

Even after drying over night, the drywall mud still broke down (bummer)!

Lesson #2 - white space is your friend!  I really have to learn to stop!  I looked so good, and then I thought..maybe just a few more drops, a few more spritz'...ugh! Too much.

oh and learned!

Well, will take a break for today, don't want to load up too much and scare you away!  Will do my best to get last three on the blog tomorrow.  Thanks for coming by.

May's Mix Ur Media Kit release date is May are in for a treat!!

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