Friday, July 15, 2016

Where do you....

...find your inspirations?  I get asked that so many times, my usual answer is "everywhere!" May sound like a cop out, but it truly is the most honest answer.

I see inspiration in words, photos, people, books, magazines, tv, internet, need I go on?  Life happens and if you are aware of what is around you too will and can be inspired by it all.

So on that note, who do I follow? Where do I go? Well it depends on my 'mood', do I want bright, shiny, unicorns and puppies OR do I want grunge and graffiti?  I used to be more grunge, but over the last year I have definitely gone more bright (wouldn't go as far as unicorns & puppies...yet)!  When it comes to bright, I tend to head to Dina Wakley.  Dina has always been my 'go to' girl when I want something a bit different and she never ceases to get my creative juices going.

This morning I received an email from ClothPaperScissors (CPS) about a new release of theirs.  They collaborated again with Dina and have a very interesting new video on Printmaking that is now streaming on the Artist Network.  You can either subscribe to their channel for a monthly fee and watch loads of feeds; you can purchase DVD's or even download digital content.  I usually go for the digital downloads.  The great thing with CPS is that your digital downloads are always on the CPS site in your account.  What this means is that you can simply download to your computer (or external hard drive) or just stream them on your computer from their site.  Here is a preview from their YouTube channel on the video:

So tell me, did that not inspire you too? I know I have been dabbling in the idea of making my own stamps and stencils as so many of the newer products in these are coming out in mark/printmaking images that frankly are just too simple to make yourself.  The thought of paying up to $15.00 for a stencil or stamp of freehand looking cut circles and such just does not sit well with me.  I know many just don't want the hassle of doing it themselves, but honestly who can't cut wonky circles and squares?  I am pulling out my acetate sheets, fun foam and going to start making some of my own! 

Now having said that, after you watch this preview you will see you can make some pretty cool printmaking tools from paper too! I tell ya, my brain is going a million miles a minute right now...create layers of texture on paper using those dust covered punches, dies, chipboard...

This is a start to a new blog series all about where I find my inspiration.  I will try and focus on one artist per post and share loads of information with you so be sure to either follow or subscribe to the blog for updates!  

Well, I best not keep you any longer - it's Friday and it's a beautiful afternoon...creativity will just have to wait...I'm headed outside!

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