Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer Over? What did I do?

Wow, that went by way too fast!  I don't know about you - but I took my summer and made it all about me.  For those that know me, know that that was huge! In my entire life as a married woman and as a Mom, I have always put myself at the bottom of the totem pole...this year, no more.

At almost 31 years of marriage, 21 years as a Mom and 20 years in business - I finally made it about me!  So how does one make it about 'me' you ask?  Well, I took the time to play, relax, spend time with family and friends and simply put 'work' on the back burner.

I am feeling better about work and am excited to get back into it [almost] full bore.  Anyhoo...enough of the deep thoughts and feelings - let's get to some fun stuff!  I have posted a bit on my Facebook page throughout August, but thought I would share more details on some of my projects that I either started or even completed this past month!

Sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy...

First one is a challenge I put on myself.  I have always enjoyed the collage aspect of Mixed Media so decided to challenge myself and pull out a package of my (hoarded) Tm Holtz Ephemera!  I thought I would do a page or two (or four) and be sure to use up the entire pack!

For the first page, I pulled out my homemade journal I made last month (one of my faves for sure).

Put a light coat of gesso on the page using an old gift card.

Pulled apart one of the packages and sorted them out into shapes and sizes (kinda) so I could start laying them out.

I adhered it all down using Matte Medium

I squirted on some of my Ken Oliver Crafts  Color Bursts hoping it would tint the page.  It did work, just not the effect I was going for. 

Wanting more 'dirt/grunge' I scrapped on some Prima/Finnabair Rust Effect Paste.

Now it was took dark for me, so I added some scrapings of Super Heavy Gesso

Now thought it might me a good idea to just glaze it using the Donna Downey tried trusted and true effect of Golden's Fluid acrylic Nickel Azo Gold and Glazing Liquid 

ya, trusted not - I am simply just too impatient some times - need to let it dry at least a minute or two!  

So I used the same baby wipe that I wiped off the glaze with and scrubbed the ephemera to hopefully be patient enough for it to stain the papers.

Ya, not much a difference I know...but hey - it's not perfect and neither am I! 

I had just gotten a new stash of stencils in from Stencil Girl so thought it was a good enough time and excuse to try some out!  I used Heavy Black Gesso through the stencils.

Used my fingers to apply the paint now.  I used Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paints in Magenta, Lemon, Sky, Lime and Tangerine.

Simple wiped and blended with a baby wipe or rag when I felt it needed it.

This next one, I used Tim Holtz Collage Medium - Crazing  to see what effect if brought to the table. Very hard to tell here, the next photo gives you a better idea on how it looks.

Not that you can really tell now - especially after I attack it with all this paint by DecoArt Media! I believe the pictures here will tell the total story! 

tipster: when I am wanting to get the peeled paint effect, I tend to use my brayer to apply the layers of paint.  Less wastage as there is no need for heavy layers here.

you can actually see the crazing under here!

tipster: sometimes you just have to keep re-applying paint colors to get the combo you want and are finally happy with. 

This next application (#3 if you are keeping track) was using Liquitex White Opaque Flakes Gel.  

This one has ended up being my 'walk away' page, I did a Stencil Girl stencil on it and have simply walked away from it as I am just not sure what to do next.  Seeing it now in a new light, I have an idea...stay tuned (fingers crossed).

This next one, I thought I would try and create a background first in my Dylusions Journal - ya, not some of my best work.  Used my Derwent Inktense Blocks.  Literally scribbled  and then spread it all out with a very wet brush. Didn't work out so good. Live and learn (again)!

Thankfully I still had some ephemera left, so once again I adhered it down using Matte Medium.


Time to cover up this hot mess! White Gesso it is. Scraped on with my Finnabair Silicone Brush.

Added some more texture with yet another stencil from Stencil Girl. This time I dabbed Super Heavy Gesso through the stencil.

Again, a walk away page as I simply would not think what to do next.  As I sit here and look at it almost a month later - I think I might just have an idea...along with the other un-admitted to unfinished journal pages!

This next one was on my Facebook page, but thought I would share again here with a little more detail and info...

I have a couple of canvases that I did some work on that I was not happy with.  Here is the second journey this one took!

I used my Prima Heavy Gesso in White, which I might very well say is a new fave!  Amazing coverage (in both ways possible)!

once it was totally dry, I pulled out my Tim Holtz Layering Stencil 'Stripes' (THS004) and put through modeling paste using my palette knife. I created a rough pattern making sure to leave an area open for an idea I had.

Once the modeling paste was dry (enough), I painted on some Black Gesso and allowed it to dry fully.

Sorry I missed a photo or two here - that's what happens when you get on a roll!  I used my favorite Donna Downey Studio Stencil - Silhouette Duo and put Tar Gel (String Gel) through it and allowed it to set (about an hour) then wanted to give it some texture. So I pulled out a chunk of chipboard (Dusty Attic Fish Net Panel) and pushed it into the still tacky Tar Gel/String Gel then pulled it away!

Now it was time to let it dry - it would take over night!

I added some color to the canvas using my Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paints (in her newest color release).  I started with Cheddar. 

Added Elephant (and then some White

yuppers, then some more Cheddar.  

The Silhouette was getting lost, so I added some white (with my finger).

Still not happy with how the silhouette was on the canvas, I added some Fuchsia 

This is how she stands for now.  Not sure if it will stay this way or one never knows...

she too may become a recycled piece! 

Okay, one more then I'll let you get back to your life (assuming you are still here)!

This one is a take on an idea I did back in July based on the book Abstract Explorations by Jo Toye.

This is done on a 6x6" cradle board that I had my hubby build for me.  I covered it totally with Black Gesso.

Once it was totally dry, I used my Tar Gel (String Gel is the Liquitex equivalent) and free hand drew the trees.  

Once it dried (overnight), I applied a good coating of White Gesso.

Before it had time to dry, I took my old gift card and carefully scraped over the top to take the gesso off the dried tar gel.

I missed a few steps in the photo dept, so here goes...

I applied a glaze using Golden Glazing Liquid mixed the Golden's Nickel Azo Gold.  

I then used black gesso and painted the insides of the trees.

Now I used DecoArt Media Meduim Grey Value 6 and painted the 'ground'.

 Now I painted the background using DecoArt Media Raw Sienna

Now it was time to glaze it...again!

I wasn't happy with the amount that wiped away, so I tried mixing the Golden paint with Tim Holtz Distress Collage Crazing just to see what would happen.

Wiped away what I did not want to stay visible once it was dry.

Having done this, now that I have the Tim Holtz Collage Medium Vintage, probably could have used that.  The Crazing is visible, just not as much as I would have liked.

Here it is as of now.  Nice little piece that sits on my desk.

Thanks for sticking around.  I will post more tomorrow!

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Wow! So nice to see what you've been up to, Wendy! I think the tree one is my favorite! :o)