Friday, September 16, 2016

Weekend Junket #19


color medium - watercolor
curveball - cover it up
inspired muse - seth apter

This week I am hoping to really challenge you to think outside the box and the product! You're welcome....enjoy! 

Sept Apter is a fabulous artist, designer, instructor and even an author!  I first discovered him on Instagram (@sethapter) and soon starting stalking him on his website, his blog and anywhere else I could find him (stencil girl stencils too)! Take the time to check him out, I know you will find him very inspiring as well.

My Take...

I actually got to working on this one too - I made a point of it...just for you! I started out with one totally different plan of action on this one and as usual I took a sharp left and another sharp right and ended up with one I actually like...imagine that?!?!?

Working in my homemade 6x12" journal, I prep'd the page with a coat of Golden Absorbent Grounds for Pastels

I decided to pull out my Koi Watercolors this time around as I knew I wanted to be able to really manipulate the wash.  I used my #12 Round Brush which has become a favorite (but thinking I want one even bigger)!

Spritz water on it as I wanted the added texture...

Okay, here is the first sharp left...

I allowed it to dry for several hours as it was quite thick.  Once dry, I took one of my new Stencil Girl Stencils (Corrugated Lines L276) and put Golden Soft Gel Medium Matte through it using my Palette knife

Now it needed to dry over night.  One thing you need to know about Soft Gel, is that there is some shrinkage and I find it is best if you apply thinly and somewhat evenly.

The next day, I first rubbed on some Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paint in White and tried to let it dry (operative word here). 


Yup, rubbed too much off...

Round two (okay, I fibbed, this is actually round three)! I found going back to my 'go to brush' really helped getting in between the lines of the stencil.

Now I am happy!!  I did let it dry for about 30 minutes and then went after it with baby wipes.


Really not overly happy as it being the end of it...I pulled out my Seth Apter Stencils from Stencil Girl (Story Time #L183 and Numbers #L184) ) and used my Sofft Art Sponges to apply Black Gesso through them.

I picked and chose what and where I applied the parts of the stencils to kind of make my own image(s).  It is important to know that the stencil does not need to be used 'as is' - be creative in you own way, make it yours and own it!

I really like it here, but thought that  it might be too dark now...

so I took a baby wipe or two and started scrubbing.  Might have scrubbed a tad too much, but I am kinda okay with it!

Make me think of worn out graffiti.

Thanks for stopping by, hoping to get more posts soon.  Been a hectic last week or so and you are all keeping me hopping.  Be back for the next installment of Weekend Junket on September 30!

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