Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Better later than never right?

Okay, here is the next one I was telling you about yesterday - it is called an Onion Envelope and I got it from here. It is basically envelopes that fold into themselves! What a concept! The first one I did as per her directions, then the second I thought..."Why not a third envelope?" So of course had to figure out the dimensions...and voila - there she be (the fifth image)! I still may change the color of that one to black again...time will tell (as usual)!

I gave each of the girls at the retreat a goodie bag from the store - My Mind's Eye Lost and Found Series...and said have fun! The pack I used is now sold out - but was made up of Union Square Perfect Happy and Union Square Perfect Damask. I used coordinating Bazzill Cardstocks as well.

Here is the original design that shows the accordion fold for the center of the two envies...

Here is with the inner envie enclosing the accordion....

Here it is all folded up into itself...

Here I looking into my tickle truck and used one of my 7G's Small Book Belts....One of the girls used the Tim Holtz Hitch Fasteners (sorry, I'm out of stock right now) and 7G Elastics which was kinda cool too!

Here is the version using the third envelope!

This is the back (or front depending on how you look at it) of the envie.
The toughest part of the envelope I will say is trying to figure out where your images will end up! The final trick I found to be the easiest is line up the printed paper with the second image on the templates you print off from the site (listed at the top of this post), so you can 'picture' where everything will be after it is scored and cut! It will obviously depend on what printed papers you choose - some will make it harder than the next. Also note that the measurements provided on these images are for the Scor-Pal!

To make the third envie - cut your paper/cardstock to 10 " x 9.75". On the 10" width side, score at 1.5" and 8.5". Rotate 90 degrees clockwise (so width is now 9.75" across the bottom) and score at 3.75" and 7.75". If these lines don't line up with the scor-pal - you can simply score 3.75" from one edge and 2" from the opposite edge. Clear as mud right?! Follow the directions same as before to cutting and assembling.

Ink edges of envies BEFORE you adhere to be sure you are able to get the inner edges properly.

Give it a try - they are fun and easy to do (once you get the hang of it)!

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