Saturday, April 13, 2019

Built on Friendship

I created this piece for a special friend in appreciation for all her help over the years. She has picked out and up, some great paper finds for me. Not to mention she has shared her knowledge and her joy of all things old...including me!

I started out knowing I wanted it to be a 'library' based theme and hoped to find local library ephemera to apply to it.  I hunted Etsy, Ebay, thrift shops and yes even the local libraries for paper to add to this piece.

My first task was to take a sheet out of one of my many encyclopedias that was all about libraries - tear it strategically and place it on the six mini 4x4" canvases.  I adhered them using YES! glue.  This is my favorite glue to use for this type of collage.  I pulled out some vintage LOCAL library pockets, cards and return slips that she was able to pull out of some old library books (from a library that no long exists)! This is where the fun begins - trying to find the perfect spot for the placement of each piece.  It is not as easy as one might think.

You can see by the photos that only the encyclopedia papers are adhered down, I tore some washi tapes and put them on in offsetting areas.  I was trying to keep more towards a light (white) palette, but soon found that was not going to work.

Originally I wanted a large book cover to use as my base, but after using six of the mini canvases, I couldn't find one large enough.  So I went into my stash of wooden cradled boards, I pulled out a 12x24" one and got to work laying down some sheets.

 I was trying to decide on the placement of the canvases...couldn't.  So set them aside and started putting the paper to wood. I pulled out a good variety of book pages in a variety of languages, book types (novels, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlas') and even braille, yes...braille! I used library ephemera such as catalog cards, bar codes, order receipts and even papers from advertising within the library.  Adhering them all down again using YES! glue and wrapping then over the edges and each other - all along making sure to keep in mind the flow of colors, shapes and basic design.

At this point I had more or less decided on using the two by three grid format for the canvases and directed them toward the bottom right. What I hadn't decided was on what was going to be on the canvases. I was having an issue committing...which usually means I don't like it.

I couldn't decide on the main focal piece - it took me walking away for a day (or two) and asking a friend for her input.  I finally decided on the  vintage check out sheet that was stamped with dates 40+ years ago from a library on the base that no longer exists.

Finally happy with the placement of most - mu next step was to figure out how to get my idea of the main focal point - a saying I use a lot - onto the collage with out wrecking it. My first thought was a transparency (but I couldn't find my box of them...and we all know how impatient I am)

So first, I did a mock up on simple copy paper to see it that was what I wanted...yes, it was. So the hunt was on...for two days!

I did a mock up of it on an encyclopedia page, which I really liked...if I hadn't already had some amazing vintage maps underneath. Onto the search for the missing box of transparencies!

Then finally the search yielded me my missing box of transparencies...yay me! Now I just had to decide its' placement.

Deciding on the last one, I got to work adhering it down. I layered some of the collage pieces over top in areas I could but also put some of the the YES! glue on the reverse of the transparency.  Then to set it, put a non stick mat on it and stacked some heavy books over night.

Now came the time to start fine tuning the collage elements.  Adding some more bits here and was still missing something. I also needed to finally adhere the mini canvases as well.  I used some Titebond III glue which is a very good quality wood glue.  When all glued, I put a stack of heavy books on top and allowed to set over night.

Hard to see in the photos, but I mixed white gesso and rubbing alcohol and scraped it onto a few areas to distress the look and not allow it to be too crisp looking.

I was texting back and forth to a friend telling her that this was going to be the death of me and she asked me to send her the entire image (I'd only been sharing peaks of it), she suggested a globe.  I liked the idea, but couldn't find what I had imagined.  Then, while digging through my file of 'maps' I came across the perfect atlas page.  I cut out the 'globe' and placed it similar to the way I had the check out sheet...perfect!

I also took similar paper elements and continued piecing in so the sides were all covered as well.

Once it was all set, I took it outside and sealed it with a UV protectant Varnish
and called her done!

Taking it to her yesterday and seeing her pure joy and excitement of receiving it made all the weeks of frustration worth it...enjoy it deserve it!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Paper Bundles & Pizza Boxes...oh my!

I have created a few more - four of each to be exact. I think this may tap me out, but you never know what I come across as I continue to go through the studio!

The pizza boxes (13x13x2") loaded up to as close to 2kg as I can get it for shipping. Included will be scrapbook papers, embellishments, die cuts, stickers, stamps, stencils, washi tapes...and more (bulky packaging is often removed so to avoid unnecessary shipping weight)! Cost per box is 30.00 plus shipping.  All new and unused product inside!


Paper bundles are 100+ vintage and old book pages from novels, encyclopedias, dictionaries, sheet music, text books and so much more. I've filled up a 10x13" shipping envelope in order to give you the best shipping rate available.  The Paper Bundles are 15.00 plus shipping.


Possibilities with these are only subject to your imagination! Do not limit your product to one thing - scrapbook papers can be using in mixed media projects, junk journals, art cards, canvases and can book pages - even in your scrapbooks! 

Ink them, dye them, paint them, tear them, fold them, cut them (yes, even with your sizzix dies and folders)! You've seen over the years what I have done - what can you do? 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Maxed Out Paper Bundles!

Looking for a fabulous mix of papers? I’ve bundled up a great variety of old book pages from an interesting mix of encyclopedia’s, dictionaries, atlases, text books, music books, cookbooks, novels and even a few foreign language pages will be included here and there. Pages are dated from 1930’s to 1990’s. with this date range, there are some real interesting reads! Page sizes range from 3.5x5” to 9x12” All pages are naturally aged; topics, graphics and print will vary from package to package, as will paper thickness. Please note you may not get the exact pages (images/text) as shown here.

Whether you choose to use them for collage or as under paintings, starters, focal points or simply as inserts for junk journals...the possibilities are only limited to your imagination! 

Interested in purchasing,  simply comment or message me for pricing.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Welcome ME!

Yes, it has been way too long since I have been on this blog. When I said I was going to step away from things I guess I was serious. 2018 was a tough year, so much happened in the year, I am just happy it is over and so far 2019 is strutting along in a very positive state.

As you know, I shut down my online store at the end of 2018 - as hard as it might have been to let go - I have such a sense of freedom now with my days.  I have begun to take a lot of time for me - whether I choose to read, paint, journal, watch tv or even have a nap....nap, really? It has happened a few times!

Once I had the inventory counted and inputted, I boxed it all up and donated it to our local Library for their extra programs.  It is a feeling of pure joy on both our parts - them for receiving and me for giving.

This photo is the large part of it and will go a long way in helping keep their programs active and of course fun. Hope you enjoy it Cold Lake Public Library! From the smile on Cindy's face I'd say that that has already been answered!

So what have I been up to creatively you ask? If you head over to Instagram you will see as that is where I have posted the most.  In the mean time, if you don't have Instagram, here are a few images to check out.

I know that is a lot to look at in the grid format - but you can always also check out on my Facebook page @w2studioarts. If you are there, please take the time to like the page and comment as I am seriously considering deleting this due to low traffic.


As many of you know I have a absolute love of collage and have been really focusing on it a lot.  I have acquired a sizable collection and have been busy in the background starting to pack up some of it to sell off some of the access papers. The papers are perfect for Junk Journals, textural starts on journal/canvas/board creations, collage starters...just about any art installations!

Here is a peek....

 There will be a great variety of bundles to purchase - dictionary, music, encyclopedia, catalogs and so much more - nothing newer than the early 1990's all the way back to the 1800's!  Priced from $5.00 up to $16.00 (plus shipping). If this is something that interests you, watch on Instagram and here for postings!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Color Trio Inspirations

I signed up for a class by Rae Missigman over on the Jeanne Oliver network called A Guided Word a while back and just didn't have the time to go through it.  I will say, I probably should have read more about the class before I bought it, but I will say, I still took something away from it....Color Trios!  Now this really is not something new, but honestly, something many do not follow or take into account when working on a piece.

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of understanding the product and the process.  I take many classes and read a lot (and I do mean a lot) of materials on everything about art. Many are intrigued by how and what I take on a class, book, article, video, etc.

If you have taken the course or want to - please be sure to look into it.  I took something totally different from it that I am sure was expected.  In all honestly though, that is the pure joy of art - it is all about perspective...your own. Your perspective, YOur perception, YOURr view, YOUR understanding, your take, simply....your way!

Rae worked her way through the course offering three different color trios to work with, I however; took it to a whole different direction.  I used the 'colors' in a way that was inspiring to me - more abstract - more in the way of Jodi Ohl inspired.

Follow along if you wish and see how I used the the color way.

Abstract Grunge

My first color trio was Teal, Green Gold & Luminous Rose (and of course Black & White for tinting, shading and accent). This would be known as a Split Complementary on a Color Wheel. I painted on a 12x16" Canson Canva ArtBoard.

I applied all the paints using either a brayer, Catalyst Tool or Wedge. The further I got into it, I pulled out some brushes (Brights in varying sizes) to allow me to get better definition along the center of the piece.

Made marks using my flower pick or edge of rubber brayer. Created the black lines using a very old American Crafts DIY Patterned Brayer (Stripes). 

Splattered the three main colors that were mixed heavily with water using my 1" Bright brush.

I scribbled using a water soluble Graphite pencil  as well as a Charcoal pencil when I did not want the seepage.

This was a very fast and simple piece that was done in less than an hour. Really love how it cam out. Using the textured brayer was a great blast from the past - do you have a favorite tool from year ago that you still love to use?

Abstract Color Blocking

The next color trio I used was Deep Violet Purple, Luminous Rose & Granny Smith
I once again used a Canva ArtBoard to create this piece.

Creating an 'under' image is something used by many artist to simply get something down on the canvas when they often fear the white of a canvas.  I do not have this issue, this base was an older piece I just didn't like so covered with heavy black gesso.  Once it was dried, I wrote out some lyrics from a song I like using a Liquitex Paint Pen in White.  Once it was dry, I used a water soluble crayon to sketch out the basis for my blocking.

I filled in my spaces with a mix of the paints - some pure, some mixed with others, some mixed with white (heavy body or translucent)

Using a brayer, a sheet of deli paper or a baby wipe - I adjusted the amount(s) of paint on each area to get it to a depth I was happy with.

I scraped, scratched, spritzed and splattered along the way.

I would often use the baby wipe and pull away a good amount of the paints in order to show the words beneath.

As you can see by the number of photos along the way, there was a lot of adding and subtracting along the way.

This is how is sits now.  Really liking the vibrancy it has - so unlike me with the brightness, yet so me with the grungeness.

More Abstract Gunge

The next color trio was a tough one to work with.  They are all transparent! Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, Quinacridone Magenta & Transparent Pyrrole Orange.

I once again did the writing on the canva board, however this time I used the white base and wrote with a black paint marker.

I missed taking several photos along the way - could have to do with me now liking how it was coming along.  I painted over the entire piece a couple of time using Liquitex Soft Body Titanium White Acrylic Paint. Always using my brayer to apply and my flower pick to scribble.

I used some of my vinyl number stash to attach a meaningful number combination. Then continued to apply more paints as well as take away when needed.

You can see I once again used the American Crafts DIY Brayer to add some much need visual linear texture.

I continue to apply layers using one of my smaller brayers, adding little color patches along the way.  I will sit back look at it and decide where it needs a pop of color or a push/pull back of color.

Blending with a brayer is one of my favorite ways to work a piece.  If you use the brayer too much on a wet surface you will often get a strong pull right from the bottom - hence a pulling/tearing of the substrate.  Sometimes it is okay, others it can ruin your be cautious.

Needing some definition, I pulled out a graphite pencil and started making my own definition - as seen here with the 'cross' which aided in dividing the colors and therefore creating a new focal point.

Here are a few close ups to see the amazing texture I was able to get along the way.

Will say not one of my favorite combos, nor final outcome, but will say I learned a good thing or two along the way....which always make me happy.

* * *

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