Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sorry for the absence!

Sorry for being MIA for the last week! I am having a minor health issue and have not been spending much time here (or there). Not to worry though, should have some answers next week and hoping to get back on track asap.

I have been busy enough with the shop and of course putting in a ton of pre-orders for all the new goodies coming out this summer at CHA. I will post soon the company, the line & when it is being released.

A few places I have been looking at photos of the happenings at CHA is of course via Mario's 'Tweets'....check them out here (no, you don't have to have a twitter account to see). Just click on the photo links in his posts to see the goods! Tammy Tutterow is an amazing crafter and at her blog she is posting her company samples. I have been on the hunt on You Tube for store videos but not having much luck! I will keep looking when I get the chance though.

Signing off for back soon!

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