Thursday, September 4, 2014

That really was one creative summer!

Man, that was one busy summer!  How about yours?  Mine went by so fast, thankfully I was able to spend some quality time with my journals.

Looking back over my blog I see once again I neglected it, I did however get better about posting on Facebook so if ever in doubt, be sure to check that out too (would love it if you 'like' me at the same time)! So having said that, sit back and enjoy the boat load of photos of my journals from the goes!

Wanting to play in my art journal with Tim Holtz's Found Relatives was the inspiration for this page.  I also wanted to use my new Lyra Aquacolor Water Soluble Crayons as had been wanting them for so long.  I really enjoy using these crayons as they work like magic with water and your finger!  This time I had to use a tool though as the photo is the size of a playing card.  These cards are fun, but with the finish on them, made my job a little harder - but I was up for it.

scribble and blend... 

more scribbles, this time I added some water!

used the green crayon to get hazel eyes (or demon as my son would say)!

now onto the next level - kraft paper, tim's collage paper and some ink! Here are photos that pretty much speak for themselves...


Dylusion Ink Sprays and Mini Blending Tool are a great addition to your Art Journal kit!

time to put it away for now - at a crossroad not knowing what I wanted to do next!  So my theory has always been, "When in doubt, don't."

This next series of photos is what was inspired by a Dyan Reaveley video I watched on YouTube (went looking for it and can't find it, if and when I do, will post the link for it). It is a resist(ish) technique using Gesso as the stamping medium.  I applied it using a sponge to the stamp (Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions Write Words)

I know it is hard to see on the computer screen, but it is there of course.  Then I tried to see if I could use a Crafter's Workshop Template Branches to act a mask, didn't quite work out as good as I had hoped.  Hard to see, perhaps to small of a template!

Time to add some color - Dylusions it is! 

Add water then dry off with a paper towel roll. 

layered a few more stencils on top and sprayed away! 

Kind of cool isn't it?! Then I decided to add some doodle with my Black Fude Ball Pen!

Added more color using Dylusions Ink Spray and a Water Brush

added some paint for more color and used my finger to the edges

thinking it needs some yellows

that was fun, let's see what is next!

Doodle time!! This is done in a Moleskine and doodled with Gel Pens and Markers  - lots of fun. Does it make sense, nope - but that is okay, I had fun!

Thsi next one is inspired by Joanne Fink's style of 'Zenspirations' this entire doodle was done using Gel Pens.

more doodling (or should I say scribbles or sketch)...



I so enjoy this sketchy process!  Now if I could only master the lines around the outside of a page!

Now it is time to get back into my Art Journal!  This time was a challenge from Lisa over at The Pink Camera - take an image from the internet that inspired you (I got mine from Pinterest). I used some of my hidden stash of Pink Paislee's Artisan Papers (resist images).  I cut these into rectangles then 'adjusted' the lengths as needed to make fit!

Adhered them using my Golden Matte Medium. 

 Now it is some time for color I.  wanted to keep it somewhat monochromatic...

yup, time for some color!  This is all resist papers and/or embellisments (Pink Paislee and Heidi Swapp) 

ya, thinking I need some more color! 

here are all the colors I used...mostly Dylusions and one Color Shine.

Washi Tape always seems to help too!

Thanks Lisa - that was fun! Here is the link to the image that caught my eye!

Looks like it was back to my Doodle Journal...
the writing is my thoughts of the day and of me in life so far. I was a tough day for me as I was remembering my Mom and how she was my biggest supporter and how she taught me to be ME and be STRONG as I am no different than anyone else and am just as good as anyone else (note: I grew up with four older brothers).  Not to mention I celebrated my 50th Birthday and that my son headed off to college - way too many changes for this chick!  But all is good, writing and doodling is good for the soul!

time to bring out the water color brushes!


yup you guessed it - more doodling! I bet by now you are wondering what the heck does this girl besides doodle (that is if you are actually still even here), this is something I can do while sitting with hubby at night whether he is watching tv or even me sometimes, it is just the fact that we are together aside from me always being down in the shop and us not even seeing each other (not a good thing)!

where do I get my inspiration from?  Why the internet of course!  I love so many styles of doodling, one right now that really catches my eye every time is Stephanie Ackerman, her flowers and simplicity blows me away every time. 


Well I am thinking I should probably sign off for now as this is one very long and photo loaded post!  The process as you can see is very simple and can be very rewarding. A journal can be a very personal thing or simply something fun!  I find all my pages very rewarding - are they always my new favorite, heck no!  Some are real bombs but honestly that is all part of the creative process for me.  Each and every page is a learning experience for  me.  If they do nothing for you, that is okay - if they inspire you, that is great.  I know I am inspired by so many images and individuals on the internet on a regular basis.  Use what is available for you, create with it and learn from it - then move on.


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