Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a Day!

So do I look happy? I am thinking perhaps a bit nervous! But really, there was no need to be! Tim made everyone feel right at home and was simply amazing! Best part yet...we get to do it all over again tomorrow!

Today's class was called "Creative Outlets Tag Series 1" Here are the tags we made today....

The first tag we made used loads of new items (many not even out yet, and several that are on their way) and of course loads of old favs. Tim also loaded us up with tips for each product that we used. I simply can't wait for the new stuff to arrive - it is going to drive me nuts that it is not here yet so you too can join in on the fun!

The second tag we made our own resist with paint dabbers (something I have done before, but for some reason, didn't turn out near as cool as this) and of course loads of Alteration dies!

We used mainly Distress Stains, Distress Inks, Distress Stickles for color and then of course the Paint Dabber for making our own resist paper. Got to see some of the new items such as Game Pieces, Hanger Clips and some of the new Dies (Pendants, Tattered Banners & Sewing Room).

More than anything - is the tips and techniques he shares along the way is what I found the best. One tip that I have taken away was that instead of 'dabbing' the foam tool on the ink pad - drag it across. Chances are you really only have to drag it across once and there will be enough ink to do your whole tag/item. Well I tried and it and it worked! Did you know that the foams are washable? If they are getting too inked up - simply throw them in a sink of water (or even in the washing machine) rinse them out and VOILA! Another cool tip was about the Glossy get this - remember how we all have pins handily ready to poke the top open again after it has 'sealed shut,' well now if you just give it a smack on the table BEFORE you put the lid back on - the air is forced out and you will never have a clog again (I'll let you know tomorrow if it works)! He did note that you should only do it ONCE or else you will have Glossy Accents everywhere!

One other thing he mentioned is when you are about to use a product/tool - just COMMIT and use it! Don't try and do CPR on your stamps (i wish I had a video of that one), just staple - don't start to squeeze and then stop and then try again - it WILL jam! In other words - JUST COMMIT! I guess one could apply that to almost any aspect of scrapbooking can't you?!

Before I sign off for tonight (there was loads more...I'm just tired) it was very funny when we pulled out the grunge board Dress Form and he caught me smelling it! He made a point to say that some people don't like the smell of it - he does - many don't...if you don't like it don't sniff it! But needless to say got quite the chuckle that I was sniffing it (really, I just wanted to see if it stunk as bad as the stuff I have in the didn't)!

Okay - I have to continue on a bit more as I am looking through all my photos and can't believe that I never made the extra effort to come to this event in the past - I will be doing my best to make it EVERY year from now on! Another wonderful artist that was doing Make n' Takes at her booth was none other than Margie Romney-Aslett of Girls Paperie! I come around the corner and BAM - she she be, sitting all by herself (not for long)! She is a hoot!

Her Make N' Take was a cute little Banner using her paper line Kitch (Dutch girl), stamps from Vintage Whimsey, Market Trims (ribbons/fibres) from Kitch, Jubilee & Vintage Whimsey.

So today I had 'Retailer Time' where you could check out the product lines and do Make N' Takes are each, then it was Ranger Time (TIM , oh and Mario was there too), Copic and We R Memory Keepers (a cute little book using their Fiesta line). There really is SO much more to share - but really, I have to sign off or I will not get done tonight what needs to so I can be chipper for yet another long day tomorrow (Clearsnap, Ranger, Graphic 45 and more make n takes)! I have pictures galore to share...later!

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