Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer is slowing showing her face...

...and with that comes that desire to be outside! So with that in mind...I am going to do things a bit differently this summer.

The shop will only be 'open' (aka - I'm in the office) four days a week - Mondays through Thursdays.

The new hours will be in effect starting the week of June 13. So that means shipping will only be the days I am IN the office.

Don't forget that since I am mainly a 'mail order' store - shipping follows Canada Post's schedule. In other words - if there is a holiday on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday....shipping will be the next available shipping day. For those local shoppers - appointments will only be taken Monday - Thursday (10:00 am - 4:00 pm)

**It is probable that if the weather is crappy - I will be in the office and then of course will no doubt process any orders that come in on that Friday. **

I will resume my five day a week schedule September 12. Summers are so short here in Alberta - I would really like to take advantage of any 'nice' days we may have (I'm sure many of you can totally relate)!

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