Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tag Inspirations

We all know how tags 'HOT' right now, okay still! I too love to check them out and get inspired.

These two sites are ones I follow regularly as they has many great ideas and great inspiration. The links I am providing is for 'tags' (site labels) but there are a ton of other ideas there as well....enjoy!

And of course the no post would be complete when talking about tags - if one didn't mention the master of it all...Tim Holtz! His 12 Tags of Christmas are legendary. He has four years of them on his blog!

So people always ask me - 'ya, but what do i do with them?' My answer is always - 'Whatever you want!' Put them in your scrapbooks as a page embellishment, mount on the Small Easel, use as a card front, make into a mini book, make a calendar, create a wall display....

Wall displays -
use vintage straight pins to pin tags onto a bulletin board, adhere to 7 Gypsies Vintage Receipt Holder and Photo Trays...

....oh, and what about using the 7 Gypsies Mini Library Drawer to display your creations. In the past I have used the Library Drawer (larger one) and put in horizontal decorated tags as dividers...very cool!

the list could go on forever - let your imagination go wild - you never know what will come out of it...have fun!

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