Monday, October 6, 2014

Part 2 of Weekend Junket!

What a great weekend!  I had a very creative one! Got two journal pages done and lots of stuff planned for W2 Scrapbooking's creative process.

Tomorrow is going to be yet another 'NEW'bie for the blog and Facebook, so be sure to come by and check it out!

So many were asking about what was 'Weekend Junket' all about.  For me it is simply a challenge I have created to allow me to be a little more creative on the weekend.  Make it a journey, a jaunt, an excursion into some creative ideas inspired by prompts and hopefully YOU!

So having said that - here are my results of the second set of numbers that were from the original post on Facebook:

#12 - create a border around your page
#37 - use an alpha stencil
#49 - add fiber
#26 - use water colors
#6 - add an image from a magazine

These do not have to be done in order, simply used on your page at one point or another.

I painted the page using Luminarte Silks Acrylic Glaze Pomegranate.  This product is amazing to work with - so bright and vibrant and a subtle shimmer that I love.  The more water to add, the lighter the color becomes or spreads over the page. 


Is this not a most amazing color sheen you've seen?

next comes prompt #6 - use an image from a magazine.  I choose one from an older Canadian Scrapbooker magazine (Spring 2012), it somehow spoke to me.

I cut it out and placed it where I thought I would want it to be (eventually).

Traced around the image with a pencil lightly so I knew where my black paint would go in the next step.

Now I covered the image with Ranger (Claudine Hellmuth's Studio) White Gesso.

Allowed it to dry totally (well, my kind of dryish anyways).

Now I adhered down using Golden Matte Medium

Wiped of paint transfer with a baby wipe - like how it took off some of the gesso too! Kind of made it antiquey!

Time for prompt #37 - use an alpha stencil.  Originally I had picked out a Crafter's Workshop by Joanne Fink called Brush Alpha (as you can see in the fourth photo), but changed my mind! I ended up using a Tim Holtz Layering Stencil Eye Chart.  I used an old Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint in Mustard Seed applied using an old sponge.  Any access I wiped way using a baby wipe.

I think is where I figured out I hadn't used water colors yet (prompt #26)!  So pulled out my Lyra Aquacolor Watersoluble Crayons (love these)!  You can also start to see the border (which later gets covered up as I did not like it).

Here is some of the page border that does stay (prompt #12).  Used my Uni-Ball Signo White  and  a Pentel EnerGel in Black that I am really liking (even if it does tend to smudge in this process). It is a .7mm tip, and for a thicker tip...I'm liking it for art and doodle journaling.

Now this is where I figured I still had yet to use prompt #49 - use fibre!  So I decided to use drywall tape!

adhered it down securely with Matte Medium.

Time for some more crayon action - the page needs more yellow!  So trying it on the edges similar to how I use Gelatos.  Ya, looked good to start...

needed to add some more black as the edges of the 'shadow' were bothering me, so decided to use the crayons to smooth it out.

time for some water of course!

ya, needs more water!

and we're getting there!

okay, so now needs more yellow too!  So that means more water too!

that is a lot of water, time to let it dry.  Be back in a couple of hours!

time lapse...

I found a verse/quote on Pinterest that I really liked so wrote it out with my Liquitex Paint Marker in Black.

You can see it is rather hard to see, so I decided to trace around it with my Signo White pen.
You can also see that once the watercolor crayons dried, they were very faint, guess that will teach me for putting so much water on a mixed media paper.

I added some Gelatos to the edges as I just couldn't resist!

Thanks for checking it out!  And yes, I have fixed the missed white inside the y of you!

Most products used can be purchased at the site here.  Be sure to check back next weekend for the next Weekend Junket!  Also, be sure to head over to Facebook to see other interesting posts!

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