Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tuesday's Tip

...on Wednesday!  Oops, forgot to post this here yesterday, but honestly not overly surprising considering I kept thinking it was Wednesday and sometimes even Thursday! And to top it off, ran around the house last night gathering the garbage and walking half way down the drive only to figure out it was not Wednesday (my garbage day is Thursday)! Good one Wendy!

So anyhoo - here is my Tuesday Tip!

You've got choices! I've been using these since they were released, have only ever emptied one color. Since I tend to recycle and reuse a lot of stuff, my choice is to use what I have with what I got! Dig out your empty spray bottles, mini misters, or spray tops peeps.

The cap shown here is from a Lindy's bottle, works, but you have to keep upright or it leaks (all over my hardwood floor).  The older Ranger Colorwash Spray nozzles do not fit, will have to wait and see if the new Range Replacement Nozzles will fit!

Not saying you can't buy the new Distress Stain Sprays, but if you already have the Stains....

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