Sunday, February 22, 2015

Playing with MOTIF's

If you follow me over on Facebook - then you knew that I was struggling with my art over the last week or so - nothing was working for me (at least in my head). So I decided to break away from my actual 'journal' and play on paper (well okay, one of my spiral bound books).  Back in December I signed up for a class with Traci Bautista.  I originally discovered her on Pinterest.

Traci Bautista - this lady truly makes you look at your work - simply!  Your art does not have to be unreachable - it is yours and can be made freely.  I am taking her art.journal.PLAY 2015 online workshop, that so far, am really enjoying.  I wish I had more time - but at this point...I will take what time I can to 'PLAY!"

Here are a few samples of what I did in her MOTIF part of the workshop (I will not do process as this is a paid class and will respect her work).

Here you can see my color palatte and paints of choice:

went the extra distance on my own and added some doodling!

next project:

project #3 right now, my fave!  At first I had just picked the white, black and magenta (mixed white and magenta to get the pink), then thought about how to eliminate the white it was - I told my self what is the worst can happen.  I LOVE this page!!

I am working on another now - making 'flowers' with my brush.  Not sure how much I am liking my flowers right now - but I will continue to work on them of course.  I find adding the doodling, whether with pens or fineliners...really make a page for me.

my color palette...

my 'flowers'...

it was not yet dry when I took the photos, and have not had time to get back down there to finish them off....maybe today!

This was exactly what I needed - just at the right time!  With my (somewhat) art block - it truly freed up my mind and totally fell in love with the process of art, all over again.

see you again soon....w2

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