Monday, May 16, 2016

Donna Downey Visit - Part Four (the final day)!

Sunday May 1...

Sadly, this was the last day at the Studio and in North Carolina. We got to the studio at our usual time; however sad for this adventure to be ending, I was very excited as Bill Downey was back from coffee school and the new machine was to up and running and Espresso was in my future!  If you follow Donna Downey at all, you know that she has expanded her business to include an high end coffee shop in the studio (yet another reason to go), it is called Studio Coffee.  Bill was there and getting the machine up and going...I (im)patiently awaited my first shot of espresso.  I was more than willing to be a guinea pig...I needed espresso! As he and Payton worked on the getting the machine to it's perfect pitch...the crowd gathered and of course started putting their orders in!

After three shots of 'practice' espresso, I requested a was pretty much heaven in a cup - even if it had a  'Georgia Peach' instead of a Heart (giggle)!

Here is the star of the morning....Payton makes the perfect heart! Venture to say, Dad was pretty pumped on how fast his daughter was picking it all up!

I was able to have one more cappuccino before we left and made Payton do (start to finish) and she did great! 

Once we were all settled in with our morning fix - we settled down to talk about Stamp Carving and create on of our own.  This is a close as I got to carving... I was basically done with using my brain.  I sat down and watched everyone create theirs, listened to Donna give us the run down on how to do it and simple tricks of the trade.

Her biggest tip - head over to Julie Fei Fan Balzer's blog/site or go to You Tube.  As simple as it is, it can get a bit confusing at times once you start carving (remembering to carve positive or negative part of the stamp, remember to draw/copy your words backwards).  As I had the tools at home, I wasn't too concerned with not getting mine done.  My new friend Kim of JadeSuttonArt created an awesome one - a repeating pattern that was was fab U lous! I got to try it out and this is what I did on a scrap piece of paper.  Can you see the possibilities of creating your own stamps now too?

As things were winding down, lunch was served and most of us started putting our journals together.  I decided to simply stack mine in the order I would eventually bind it.  I decided on two signatures.  Donna suggested we use Linen Book Binding Thread, and proceeded to show how to bind using her Inspiration Wednesday Journal format.

We were two of the last ladies to head out.  I do not have any more photos at this point - honestly, I think I was done in more ways than one.  I was running on fumes. Having said that, I would do it all over a heartbeat!

I personally would like to thank Donna, Bill and all their staff for the most amazing weekend anyone could ask for.  If you have ever thought of taking one of Donna's classes or one of the classes she hosts for other instructors....GO!  You might think it is expensive - but when you look at it in it's really is not.  Your class fee includes shuttle to and from airport and the hotel (hotel room costs are your own), ALL your materials (unless otherwise stated, but only thing I saw was an apron), two meals a day (for this workshop anyways, some are just lunch), snacks, beverages (all kinds), not to mention her vast knowledge and the fact like it is like being in her home!  She takes such pride in her business, as does Bill.  It truly is a family affair and they are more than willing to be there for you with whatever your needs may be.  Such a comfortable atmosphere and the creative juices did the stories!

I would also like to thank my partner in crime Anita, without your friendship and constant support I probably would not have done this for myself - THANK YOU!

To all the great girls I (we) met, it was a blast - I look forward to seeing you all again. To Kim, thanks for taxi service and the hours of fun...even if you didn't listen to my passenger driving tips (giggle), not to mention going above and beyond with the shipping of goodies (I truly owe you)!!

Here is the link to Donna's Studio Workshops - I don't know about you, but I am already planning my next visit!

I think life is almost back to normal here, it has been none stop. My cold is 'almost' gone, orders are up to date, and I am just about ready to start creating again.

See you soon...

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