Friday, May 13, 2016

Weekend Junket #10 ....Changes

Morning!  Summer is upon us and life needs to get a bit less hectic.  For that reason, I will making some changes to the Weekend Junket. I will continue to post prompts for the next eight (#'s 10 - 17) Weekend Junkets; however, there will no longer be a shop credit offered as a prize during this time.

Even though I will continue to post prompts, I may not always have the opportunity to actually do the prompt as a sample for you ahead of time.  As time permits, I too will join in and do a prompt.  I enjoy creating these prompts, but I have found that between running the business and a household many things are falling through the cracks.  I take a lot of pride in my business and my family, something has to lighten up - and since giving up on family is not even an option, the simplest thing to take a break from is the newest addition to the business...Weekend Junket.

I hope you  continue to enjoy the prompts and understand where this is coming from - anyone who know me, knows how I feel about family.  They will always come first.

So here are the prompts for May 13!


curveball - limited product & tool use*
inspired by/muse - patterns
texture - create texture using one of your limited tools

* - you can only use 4 tools and 4 products

This set of prompts may seem a bit vague, but they really are not, yet in a twisted way are. Don't be afraid to think outside and beyond your tools and products.  Challenge yourself - you will be surprised and happy with the results.

Inspiration is everywhere, enjoy your journey....

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