Thursday, November 1, 2007


A place to show you what I have been working on (in case you are interested)! It has been a very busy fall and I have been working on many projects:

Birth Announcements & Babies First Year of Memories (For Carla & Taras)

The patterned papers are Scrapworks; solids are SU!; ribbons are SU! (i think); the folio is 7G's. This is a project I have done in the past however I had done on a clipboard. So with it being twins this time I thought it may be easier to try and contain all the papers and make it simple for Carla. The card format I got online somewhere (sorry I can't remember who to give credit to). I am known for my folds and different cards. I am not one to do a simple half fold - so I am always on the hunt and always seem to find some good ones! I will have to start writing down credits for these I guess.

I made a cool card for (another) Carla's son First Birthday (which is still sittin on my desk awaiting mail out) so I really shouldn't post it until I mail it out I guess (incase she peeks)!

Did these really cool Halloween projects that I gave to special kiddies (and some that too are awaiting mail outs...hmmmm...sounds kinda like a pattern is presenting itself doesn't it?!

I have started on a few of my Christmas crafts as well. This year I am making some great items that the kids will get early so they can enjoy them (hinting, but that is all you get).

I have also been getting some great new items in the 'money pit' (my new name for the room) so am anxious to get going on them. I have so many ideas and so little time! So on that note - I should run for now. Was trying to post a few more pix but I keep getting an error message so it will have to wait until later.....

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