Monday, January 25, 2010

Just In!

Large shipment just in today and lots of new and replenished goodies!

Little Yellow Bicycles' newest line Generation Z is Extreme fun and high energy set the stage for playing hard. For those with that Zoom through life with passion and attitude. Bold colors, patters and sharp metallic accents will put the wings on fun. A great selection of this line is available now - not this is a limited edition collection....once it is gone - it's gone!

7 Gypsies Avignon 12x12 double sided papers have been released. The rest of the line is not due in for another month (leave it to 7G's - but I still love them). In the words of 7 G's...

"It's hard to say Avignon when you read it in English. The "g" is ignored and there should be a "y" pronounced in there and you don't say the last "n". But it's French and they love extra letters in their words and at the same time, love not to pronounce them. Many French words have a surfeit of sounds available to them that are not apparent when you look at them and then seem to waste whole, perfectly good syllables in a devil may care attitude toward finishing what they've started. Parts of the City of Avignon are like that. In fact there's the famous pont d'Avignon from the children's song that has only 3 wonderfully decorated arches that daintily step out into the middle of the river but do not reach the other side - sort of like the good start but breathy finish of a French word. Avignon."

These papers really are a must see - okay...a must have too!

These Bling It On's from Basic Grey are pretty cool as well! They are a rub on (in either Black or Brown) and have just enough 'bling' to add an amazing zing to your layout! Great price too!

More American Crafts D-Ring Modern Albums are in (sorry just black for now) - will keep trying on the Chestnut ones for you all as well! Also more page protectors to fill them up!
And finally - more and replenished Bazzill Cardstocks! For those of you patiently waiting for the white...yes, it is here too!
Happy Creating...

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