Monday, January 23, 2012

More Updates....

A few more sneak peeks are up - let me know what you think!

Simple Stories - is showing us the way they taking their company, I am finding it very interesting!

7 Gypsies - images of the new releases are up (Postale & Trousseau) this isn't the 7G blog, but just as good!

okay, now that I shared some good news...allow me to vent a bit (please). I have been spending a lot of time on the net over the last two weeks looking at (and hearing about) all the new stuff that is due to be released at CHA - Winter (January 29), so what is there to complain about you ask? Well I am not sure if I should be complaining or am I just being unrealistic with expectations from CHA past(s)? Sneak Peeks are slow in coming out to the sites and the wires, the wholesalers seem to be bringing in less and less all the time. I try my best to buy from Canadian Wholesalers and Companies, but when wholesalers do not bring in a complete line - let's just say grrrrr! I am finding it very difficult to support my Canadian counterparts when then only bring in lets say 6 papers of an 12 paper collection! What gives? Or they bring in a Stamp and not the items that it is designed to go with? WTH? I am having to purchase broken lines via several different wholesalers just to get it complete!

On that note...I will continue to think happy thoughts and go about my way!

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