Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bittern Lake Lodge

Back to back weekends of crops is hard on this ol' girl!  Thankfully the second one I was able to relax a bit and enjoy some creative time with my girls!  This is a semi annual event that is organized by one impressive lady (yes Trina, you are impressive) where 14-16 ladies get together and craft for the weekend (Friday - Monday)!

If you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen some pictures already, other wise you are in for a treat here as I post you a boat load of pictures of creative awesomeness!

Our home away from home for the next three days!

Tammy is busy at work in her Journal (that she made the previous weekend in my class at Crop Haven) - if you only knew how odd it was as she doesn't like to get dirty....she got dirty!!

Tammy started by adding a wide roll of washi tape to her page and then was stuck.  She wanted to tear it off and start all over...she dared me to fix it!

Here is the finished result!  She finished it up after I doodled on it and gave her a few ideas.  I think she rocked it!

Friday night at 10 pm and we are all still awake....whoohoo!!

Time to try out me new Izinks!

After prepping my journal page with Absorbent Grounds I sprayed the page with water, dropped the colors on, added more water and let it do it's magic. 

My mistake here was my impatience (surprised aren't you)! If I would have dried it with the heat tool instead of blotting with a paper towel...I wouldn't have gotten the marks I did...oh well - moving on!

This next step is from a video I watched on You Tube by CeeCeeCreates.  I basically followed the lines of the colors and made a picture out of this case - flowers!

do you (did you) see what I do (did)?! 

This next one is straight out of Donna Downey's 48 Weeks. 
There is a very funny story behind this one!  Not only did I have to get creative on drying time techniques....

All the turning of the journal to get my edges just right....

looks awesome doesn't check out the video!

 This next page is once again 'Donna' inspired, this time from IW15.  If any of you are IW15 members you will probably think WTH? Ya, I am one of those ones that simply takes inspiration from and doesn't necessarily use the 'correct' product.  I use what I have and do more or less what I want...afterall - I am being creative and being inspired!

I prepped my page once again using Absorbent Ground and then 'colored' it using one of my 'got to' items...Faber Castell Gelatos and a lot of water, and my fingers!

 Sorry I missed taking a few shots along the way (that's what happens when you are on a roll, right?)! Once the base was dry, I added bits of old book text with matte medium and then topped it with Heavy Gesso in areas that I thought were too dark or busy.

Added a stencil (Donna Downey Studio Collage Portrait) and sprayed with my Black Paint and Air Brush Medium mix.

Thinking it needed some 'white' I added yet another stencil, this time a Crafter's Workshop Believe Script 

Not wanting white on the opposite page (for obvious reasons), I chose to do black....but! I didn't have black modeling paste...not a problem, I simply mixed modeling paste and black paint.

More interesting drying tips! A binder clip and jar of Absorbent Ground....

adding some finishing touches....yes, I added pink! Oh and some black gelato to the edges!

whoohoo...another one done!

Here are a few samples of what the other ladies were doing....

Will let you go for today as I am sure I have perhaps overloaded you all!  I hope not!  But come back tomorrow and may very well have some more from this weekend as this is only up to Saturday afternoon!!  Ya I know...we rock!

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