Friday, February 24, 2017

Up Close and Personal with #artmarks30daychallenge - Week 2

Here are my takes on Week Two of the challenge...

#8 - Rings

Wanting this week to be simpler - I decided not to use stencils and only items on my desk for making marks on the pages this week.  I continued to only use my Dyan Reaveley Dysluions Paints and again  trying to only used the color combos listed on Dyan's 'coordinating colors' sheet.

So today, my colors were Lemon Zest, Squeezed Orange and Postbox Red - not a combo I would have chosen by any means, especially since yellow and red make orange! But having said that, it does make sense.

I used a key card and scraped the yellow across the page.  I then dipped the lid of the Postbox red into its own color and stamped it across the page.  As for the Squeezed Orange, I used a lid from an Orange Juice bottle.

Wanting to blur the lines, I used my Caran D'Ache Neocolor II Watersoluble wax pastels  and followed the lines of the paint and rubbed in the crayon with my finger.

I ended up pulling in my Tim Holtz Distress Crayons to brighten up the colors.  Added the Spiced Marmalade and Mustard Seed from Set #1 - blending along the way with my wet fingertip.  The red was strictly the Neocolor II.  I sprayed the page along the top and turned it so it would drip up to the top of the page, allowed it to dry, and repeated the same on the bottom.

Once it was dry, I pulled out my Fineline Applicator filled with Carbon Black and doodled script words around the circles.

#9 - Chevron

Colors used Bubblegum Pink, Crushed Grape and Vibrant Turquoise.  Created the chevrons by simply dipping my keycard into the white linen paint tub using the short side of the card.  To add more visual lines and texture - I repeated with all of the three main colors.  The remainder of the doodles and  mark makings were done with my Liquitex Paint Markers, Gelly Roll Pen (White) and Dyan Reaveley Dylusions Paint Pens.

Continuing on making marks, I used the case from an old Faber Castell Drafting Ruler, and dipped it in the white linen paint to make even more marks and doodles on and around them.

#10 - CrissCross

Using the color combo Lemon est, Fresh Lime and Cut Grass, I finger painted the color on.  Added some white linen in areas in hopes to soften up the lines.  Really like how this one turned out and look me less than 15 minutes!  Simple criss cross marks made with my Liquitex Paint Markers and accented with a few circles using my Pilot MultiBall Pen.  That's it, that's all!!

Love how using this old encyclopedia and no gesso as a base, you see the under-print!  It's like a free layer!

#11 - Lines

Yet another quick and simple page - but LOVE it!  Only 'tool' used, was my keycard!  Colors used were Black Marble for the base, and then London Blue, Vibrant Turquoise, Fresh Lime, Bubblegum Pink, Squeezed Orange and  Lemon Zest.

I dipped the short end of the card into the jar and scraped the colors over the black.  While the paints were still wet, I then used the short side of the card to drag the paints out giving more visual texture and of course depth.

I scratched the card into the paint to create lines.

 That's it...that's all!

#12 - Puddled

Again, only using the keycard I applied the first of the base colors - Bubble Gum Pink.  I made sure it was done roughly and not perfect!  I had papers on my desk from a vintage book, so cut out some circles and adhered them down using Traci Bautista's Collage Pauge. The matte finish of this adhesive works great for this style of art journals as it is smoother than a matte medium and is much easier on your pens' and markers' tips. I colored the circles Lemon Zest and Vibrant Turquoise.  I felt it needed more - and went to a fave and used Fresh Lime.  It was a perfect addition to the page.

Once dried - I scribbled circles using my Pilot MultiBall Pen.  I then decided to write out poems and verses I googled on puddles.  Took bits and pieces of each and free handed lines off the circles using the Pilot MultiBall, but wrote out the words using my Gelly Roll Medium Point (white).

#13 - Patterned

Colors - Cut Grass, Fresh Lime and Vibrant Turquoise were applied with my keycard and blended out with my finger.  I had a few circles left over so added them on in a 'pattern'.

I used the White Linen to go around the circles and create yet more of a pattern.

Once it was dry, I doddle using white and black Dylusions Paint Pens, Liquitex Paint Markers and Pilot MultiBall Pens.

I often continue to doodle with my Liquitex Paint Marker even after the nib has dried out and needs to be primed again - I really like the look it gives, almost chalk like.

#14 - Dashed

Colors were applied this time with a sponge.  I tried to be random - didn't succeed very well.    This is a page I ended up over thinking and it took me well over an hour to do.  Was very happy when I finally called it done.

Colors - Postbox Red, Bubblegum Pink and Squeezed Orange.

I added White Linen trying to fix it by bringing the colors together (with not much luck as you can see).  The black on the left is simply the Jumbo Liquitex Paint Marker and the white on the top right is white linen finger painted.  The lines/spikes are the keycard dipped into the paint jar and trying everything to save the page!

All the dashes are applied using the Liquitex Paint Markers in Black and White.  The smaller sketchy lines are done with the Gelly Roll Medium Point (white).

The black sketchy is done with the Pilot MultiBall Pen.

I pulled out some more of the vintage book pages and used a circle punch and punched out a bunch hoping to cover up some of the nastiness.  Once they were adhered down using Traci Bautista's Collage Pauge, I finger painted on using the same base colors. Once they were dry, I used my China Marker and Ranger Fude Ball both in Black. 

There you have it - week two down.  I apologize for the shortage of photos, but hoping the descriptions and photos provided are sufficient for your inspiration.

Hope you are still here!  Let me know with a comment - you never know, at the end of all this there might be a little something in it for you!

Have a great day....see you again tomorrow (I hope)!