Friday, September 14, 2012


Yes, I am here - just been hiding! No really....I have been hiding under mounds of paper and product!  It has been a busy fall for the shop and in life!

Loads of new products have been added to the shop and loads have been added to the sale aisle too.  Always just trying to make room for more.  I have so many ideas on the go and of course none are completed (story of my life..squirrel)!

New items can be found on the main page...but I always suggest you hit the 'New Items' link on the left side panel and you will then see all the products added from newest to oldest - easy peasy!

Just a few of the newer product release...

just to name a few...head over to the site and check out for yourself.

I am currently working on an idea with Ali Edward's December Daily.  This has been something she has done for several years - I am trying something similar but just want to tweak it a bit and try something just a little different - check back soon for updates and pictures!

until next time....

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