Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Creative Summer continues....

Hope I didn't bore you too much last time with that very loooonnnggg and photo loaded post!

Time for some more doodling again!  This spread was totally inspired by a Pinterest Pin! As you have now discovered, I am totally hooked on doodling right now - this one was a lot of fun!

Simply started with one side and created a collage of boxes to fit the page.

then started doodling in each box! Yes, it really was that easy.  The hardest part is figuring out what to put in the boxes!

Before I called it 'done for now' I went over each box (and sometimes the doodle) to make it more prominent.  That was so much fin, decided to do it all over again! 

TaDa! I so loved doing this one!  Pretty sure I will do another one along the way....oh idea (squirrel) one will be in circles!! 

Time for some color!  I used my Koi Water Color Brushes - so love using these!  Thinking I need to find some more colors though!

Next comes something that I have been putting off for....ya, about 8 months!  Here is my Moleskine Planner (18 month) so kinda worked out good for me to decorate and use in my Documented Life Project.  The project calls for watercolor paper as the add on, but ya - I couldn't do just that!  I used Watercolor, Mixed Media (two different kinds) and then some pages from some of my vintage dictionaries!

Cut all the papers and slide them into the pages... 

Now it is time for some color...Washi Tape!!

That was fun!  Now thinking I should probably document something!! 

This Art Journal page was inspired by an image I had seen while I was on vacation in Turks and Caicos this past winter - fortunately for me and the artist - it looks nothing like it!!

Started the page with a good coat of Gesso applied using my palette knife!

Here are the colors I chose to use and you can see that I brought out an OLD tool that I know I haven't used in more years that I care to admit - my Brayer! Paints are all Heavy Body Paints (Dina Wakley and Liquitex) aside from the brown which is simply an acrylic.

After putting a dab of each paint along the page(s), I spread it using my brayer.  On a note for next time....use a lot less dabs and only do two rows at a time!!

This is so cool!! But of course a tad to clean for me... time to add some water! So I sprayed it pretty heavily with water, and once again used my Brayer to move it around.

It is pretty wet now, so need to let it dry totally before moving onto next step!

Well that took a long time to dry (over night)! Now it needs some black of course!  Once again used the brayer to spread!

I like it, but not what I was after....

yup, time for some water! 

and my brayer....

originally was goign to try and do the entire page using only the brayer - ya, not gonna happen - then was only going to do horizontal swipes - ya, too normal!

added even more water and watched it go! To see a video on this, head over to my Facebook page to see it in action! 

I might have added a tad too much water...but hey - what's the worse that can happen?  Need to add more paint?  I didn't add any more black as I really love how it looks like canvas now - very cool! 

Now it is time for a red solo cup! 

Any mixed media/art journal 'artist' (trust me, I am by no means an artist in the technical term anyway) will always tell you use what is right in front of you and be sure to look at everything in a different light (not always for its intended purpose), so that I did!


Now it is time for a bit of 'jazz' - we all know I have a hard time NOT using Gelatos on my pages - I so LOVE them!! And would you believe I did not have a yellow?! I had to go to the 'store' and get a pack (thankfully I don't have far to go)! 

I roughly apply the black inside the circle.

blend with my finger...

add some blue...

blend with my finger...
add yellow and blend some more!

add some white...blend some more! 

I thought it needed yet some more color, so I added some oranges and yellows to the bottom to make it all come together!

a bit more blending, this time I dipped my finger into water and blended more and then of course had to add even more black (so much for the solo cup part)!

Thought the top needed some white, so thought why not bring out my new handy dandy droppers and Dylusions Ink Spray (White Linen) as for the life of me I can't find my White India Ink!!

a little water never hurts either right?!

Well gang...that concludes my July and August Creative Burst!  Let's hope the fall continues on with some new and interesting stuff.

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