Thursday, April 16, 2015

She's Baaaaack!

What a great week to take over Wendy’s blog!

Thanks to her introduction of the MUM kit, I have really begun to look at my products differently, not just for my Art Journal, but in my scrapbooking as well.

I am loving the many script stencils that I have seen, which lead me to think, why can’t I create my own script using these...

I put the modeling paste in one of my fine tip squeeze bottles, added a small amount of water to get it moving and began to experiment.    I love the possibilities with this, I can do my own script, drawing, doodling, etc.   I could mix in sprays instead of water and tint the paste…oh my!   I will say there is a bit of a learning to achieve uniform lines, but that’s the fun part! 

While completing my December scrapbook I found I was searching for more gold that I had in my stash.  Gold and now Silver seem to be everywhere,  so I decided to dive into my supplies to create my own.

I love the look of vellum but how cool would it be to add some metallic to that!  I grabbed my TH brushed pewter and my HS gold lame color shine and painted them on with brush.  It took a few coats to get the depth of color, but it worked!  

Now, the vellum does wrinkle, so I find I have to layer it with a bit of paper to make it lay flat.  In the end I get a very similar effect with white paper, but it’s a quick and easy way to create all the metallic you want as you need it! 

Since I was playing with vellum, I thought I would try and tackle the ongoing issue I have with extra vellum die cuts.   I love them, but occasionally I just want a solid background.     So I grabbed my Brushed Pewter Distress Stain and Claudine Hellmuth Blank Canvas and painted it on the back of a piece of vellum to see what would happen. 

The stain didn’t give me a deep enough color, but the white was perfect and I can see myself using this technique to use up my vellum.

Finally, while  I was scrapbooking I wanted a teal accent on my page so I grabbed my Heidi Swapp Teal Color Shine,  but I wanted some structure to the accents, not splatters, so I decided to  mixed it with Super Heavy Gel Medium.  I then used a palette knife and stenciled it on some papers.   It starts opaque, but once it’s dry it is the exact color of the color shine but with dimension I was looking for.    

So while you are crafting next time, I hope you take a moment and mix things up, the results can be amazing!  Until next time, B Crafty,


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