Friday, May 27, 2016

Weekend Junket #11


color medium - paint
product focus - stencils
tool - pouncer/mini foam tool

This set of prompts allows for a lot of freedom. Don't be afraid to think outside and beyond your tools and products.  Challenge yourself - you will be surprised and happy with the results.

Inspiration is everywhere, enjoy your journey....

**  Reminder - no prizes awarded for prompts #10 - 17  **

Here is my take...

I wanted to try and use everything Dylusions this time around.  Now, remember and understand that I do not follow rules very well...but I did try my best!

I pulled out four Dylusions Paint colors that I thought went good together and of course would provide a pop of color.  I used the Tulip Pouncers to apply the paint.

I pulled out some of my Dylusions Stencils Dotted Flower, Squares and Circles.  I sprayed them with a variety of Dylusions Sprays.  Then I wanted more pop, so I ended up pulling out  some Donna Downey Stencils Mini Number Repeat and Mini Alpha Rerun.  I first used the Dylusions Ink Spray in White Linen, as good as coverage I got, I wanted more - so I used the Dylusions Paint in White Linen. 

As much as I loved this as is, it of course needed more.  I started adding bits of vintage dictionary pages torn up along with some Tim Holtz Tissue Tape.  I adhered them all down with Matte Medium. I took a few extra steps here as I knew what I was going to do later.  I might have gone over board, but that's okay.  I sealed the entire page with clear gesso then matte medium.  Don't ask me why - I wasn't thinking the next step through the whole way! oops!!

Now this is where I kind of went off track.  I was trying to figure out a way to showcase areas so I went back in my brain and pulled out a technique taught in a Tracey Verdugo class called Paint Mojo.  I just took it a bit further by connecting the feature spots.  I created them using my Stabilo All Pencil (Black). 

Next, I took the Dylusions Paint, in White Line.  Used my Dina Wakley 1" Flat Brush, dipped in water then into the paint and brushed it on trying to stay 'outside' the lines. I was okay with getting that smear of the Stabilo All pencil, was kinda hoping it might just save me a step later! 

I went over the lines again once the white was dry(ish) with my Stabilo All pencil then blended it with a fine tip liner brush dipped in water. It really popped the black. 

Now I was stumped.  Surely I couldn't leave it as is, could I?!?  Ya nope!  Brain wave!!  If you follow The Documented Life Project, you will know that many of the ladies over there make their own stickers.  AND, Traci Bautista suggest that you scan images of your work and print them off to include in your journals.  So I kind of did both.  Anyone who has received a package from my, will note that there is sticker on there...doing just that!

I took on of the photos of this page and simply printed it out onto a sheet of Avery Labels. I just print off in photo mode on my printer as if it was an 8.5x11" sheet of photo paper as I will use all kinds of bits and pieces from it anyway.

This particular sheet is 2" circles.  So I used some of them then of course pulled out my scissors, a 1" punch and a 1/2" square punch.

Once I was happy with the placements, I scribbles around the additions using a permanent marker.

For now, I think I am done.  I might add one more step, but at this point...I'm calling it done!!

If I really thought I could use everything Dylusions....I was 'dylusional!'  Bahahaha, sorry...couldn't let that one go by without a comment.

Thanks for stopping by, look forward to seeing you around again.  Don't be shy, let me know you were here! 

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