Monday, May 11, 2009

Successful Retreat!

I was part of a group of four ladies that hosted a retreat May 1-3. We had a blast and a lot of fun and creativity was had by all. One thing we did was have a donation table for the HW Pickup Junior High School Scrapbooking option. The ladies really came out and helped us out! We got a large box loaded up with product (new & used) to give to the class.

Then I put together some items from my stash of older CM product that I haven't touched in years....Then along with the money raised from our mystery box auction I pulled some product out of the sale bins from my store to make sure they had a good round selection!I think they should be set for a bit - but if anyone out there has some inks, pens & more adhesives they would be willing to part with - they could use it! I gave them a bunch of stamps and a few ink pads to tide them over as well.

I have not been up too so much as far as actually scrapbooking lately (although I did do a few pages for Gillian while she was here for the retreat). Speaking of Gillian - have I told you lately how much help she was to me at the ROCK GIRL!

I am bummed that she is moving though - all the way to Milk River! Well - I guess it is my turn to go to a retreat down there now! She's been to two here and I have only been to one there! (Gillian, aren't you proud of me that I didn't put that other picture on here?!?!?)

I have some ideas to make some cool new stuff - now to just sit down and make it! Oh, those damn Shiny Objects.....

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