Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's Feature....Inspiration

What does it take? For me it could be a simple as a photo album!

Okay, let me explain - for years I have been using the CM 12x12 albums (still my favorite I might add) but have found more and more the need to explore. I get a lot of my inspiration from message boards - my favorite being 2peas - and this is where I found the inspiration for some of the latest projects.

Let me regress - my first experiment of going outside the box was using 8x10 pages in the 12x12 CM album - liked it but again, pretty limited. Then I combined two 12x12 pages to make a 12x24 flip out - cool? Yes, Inspiring? Not really.

Then I got into altered/mini albums. I have done many and most have been as gifts and only kept a few for myself. I have vowed this year that is going to change! This year I am going to expand my albums to include a variety!

I started working on my sons 2008 album last month (I know, a bit behind) using the American Crafts 12x12 Modern D-Ring Album. Outside the box you say Wendy? Yes, because I am using a variety of page protectors inside! I am using 12x12, 6x12, 8.5x11, 11x8.5, 8x8, and 6x6!

Boy, does this combination get your creative juices flowing!

We have quite a selection of albums to pass down to our son once he is out on his own (if I can part with them) he loves to look at them and bring back memories of years past! Makes it all worth while doesn't it?! One thing I have decided to change from past years is that I am going to keep my son's albums just about his life and then do some mini books with the remainder of events we do as a family or on our own. My reasoning is that you know when you are at a family event/function/outing and you have taken a kzillion photos and just can't seem to part with any of them? Well, does you kid need all those in his book? Probably not as they mean more to you than to him. So on that thought, I have decided to incorporate those type of events in mini books! Here are a few samples I have done in the past.

Mini albums can be made of just about anything! Chipboard, Cardboard, Acrylic, Cardstock, Envelopes, Tags, Books, Scribblers, Library Cards/Pouches, Fabric, File Folders, Paper Bags, oh my - the possibilities are endless! Don't forget that you can use many of those dusty tools in your scrap room to bring your albums together! Yes, bring out your Bind-it-All, Crop-a-dile, eyelet setter, scissors, etc. You can use Ribbon, Binder rings, Eyelets, Twine, Chicago Bolts, staples....
If you do not feel daring enough to make it on you own - maybe a pre-made one would be more up your alley. Check out the store for the large variety carried there. Venture out of your comfort zone perhaps the 7 Gypsies Photo Carousel or what about showcasing some of your projects on either the Chatterbox Antique Bronze Album Stand or the Zutter Display-it-All.

Challenge yourself! Be creative! Live outside the album! At any rate, just let your creativity go wild. Enjoy the adventure of trying something new. Let your imagination grow!

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