Wednesday, May 26, 2010

have friend...will travel!

Well once again Holly and I did a road trip...this time we headed out to a unique amazing little shop on the prairie! Okay, that is not it's name - Black Ink Paperie is the real name! The shop owner is Bev and she is one talented lady (and great hostess)! Holly has been there before, however; this was my first time. I do not usually post about another shop, but trust me - if you are ever in the area...check her out! She has many hard to find items (Melissa Frances, Melissa Frances and Melissa Frances to name a few - she has a ton). Bev had this totally cool mini book creation done with kraft envies (check it on her blog) - this is one I too am going to 'copy'!

Tim Holtz Texture Fades update: For all of you waiting on pins and needles for these to arrive....drum roll please...they are due in early next week!!! Yippee

I will only have a few more shipments coming in before the big move (like I don't enough stock already) so be sure to keep an eye on the site! Speaking of the shop - I was cleaning out the hard drive this past weekend and came across pix of the building of the shop - here is a picture of how it looked when it was more or less done (and I never though I would have enough stuff to fill it - boy was I out to lunch or what)!

Sept 2006

Now...May 2010

and the sad thing is I am not showing you it all (ugh)! You will note though that I still have a messy table (my desk is probably worse)! The thing is though...I think I know where everything is (how else could I fill your orders so quickly)! Wonder if I will be as organized in the new place? Only time will tell....

Speaking of time - I am out of it! Tootles everyone....w2

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Bev said...

thank you so much for your lovely words. it was such a pleasure to have you visit me.