Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shop Update!

Hey ladies! Just wanted to touch bases with you all and let you know things are moving - slowly, but moving! The room is coming along, after having the movers 'unpack' for me, I has since been able to put just about all the product onto the shelves in somewhat of an organized manner. The room is actually the same size as my old one, but square verses rectangular. I am lacking a desk that was built into my last shop - so hoping that will get done soon. I have applied for my business license and should have it in hand by end of the month. If I had gotten in one day earlier - I would have it next week! Story of my life!
This is what it looked like BEFORE the unpackers started! I needed to get all this
...into this!

Believe it or not - it is gonna be close! I thought I had taken more pix of the load process here - but I guess not!

I haven't even been down in the room for almost a week now. I am trying so hard to get my house in order and dealing with all the gong show of events that have plagued us for this move (won't even get into or my blood may boil over once again)! We were also away for three days as Bob had medical in the city and meetings for work. Now that we are home again - we are working on getting shelving up in my garage so we can get rid some some more boxes. Wish me luck!

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