Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Interesting Trend...

Not sure if you have noticed it or not...but it seems with every blog or site I have been on lately the major inspiration seems to be packaging!

This one really caught my eye....Jillibean Soup. Bo Bunny has an ongoing segment called Recycle Reuse. There are tons more out there...but I would have to go through my history for hours to try and find them all. I know even at the class I took on the weekend (see previous post) the instructor used the packaging in three different elements. I guess if you really think of it...the possibilities are endless.

I remember over a year ago Tim Holtz made a comment on one of his videos that he uses the plastic outer packaging from his line to use as keepsake holders or even the larger pieces he will cut and run through his dies or even texture fades...kinda makes you want to create a bit doesn't it?

Now if I could only find the time...SQUIRREL!

...on that note - I'm outta here!

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