Friday, January 14, 2011

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem!

I guess I am admitting I have a problem! I am sure most of you can admit it too...not sure however if it is only 'a' problem - thinking perhaps I have a few!

This past week has been very busy in the shop and of course in life in general. Thanks everyone for helping with my 'shopping' issue by shopping at the store! You helped clear out a lot of inventory (that I had already counted by the way) so I could yet again shop some more! CHA is at the end of the month and of course I have put in several (well okay - far) orders in hopes that my shelves will once again be overflowing with amazing must haves!

**Note: This post has a lot of links - to stop your browser from closing out this blog every time, hold your control (ctrl) button and then click on the link and it will open in a new tab (on you pc anyways, can't say how it will work on your mac)!

So before I delve into all the new stuff that has caught my attention - I must tell you about a few blogs I have been at lately. I don't know about you - but my bookmarked blogs is getting a bit out of control (hence the admittance of yet another problem). One of my favs is One Lucky Day and when you go there you will see why. But most of all is this post really caught my eye. which took me to this post which of course to me to this... well okay this one isn't actually a post - it's a site where you are actually supposed to shop - but I found some great inspiration, it is now up to you whether you decide to get inspired or simply buy (I will apologize now)!

So enough with the Blogs...let's get to some good stuff - TIM! Okay, just one more blog - he is a problem all in his own - and a serious one I will gladly admit to! How many of you we like me and first thing every morning checking his blog the first twelve days of December...who am I kidding - I do it every morning! And sadly, sometimes even before I go downstairs to make sure my kid is up and in the shower! Now with CHA sooooooo close - we are getting sneak peeks each morning of what is to come. All this week was the new Alterations and Texture Fades and then there is the newest addition...Texture Trades! Rather than me filling this post with photos - just click on TIM and enjoy the journey! Now if I could only see if there is any new Idea-ology items coming out, and what about Stampers Anonymous stamps? He won't let us down will he!?

I am currently putting together a wish list for his new alterations, texture fades/trades - if you want one - email me and I will forward to you once I am done.So speaking of sneak peeks - how about...

Teresa Collins: She has FOUR new collections and some new BLINGAGE being released! Sports Edition II, Posh, On the Edge, Timeless and Blingage II. You will be happy to know it is ALL on pre-order!

Graphic 45: They have two - Curtain Call and Le Cirque. So far I am only bringing in Curtain Call.

Glitz Designs: Laced with Grace and Love Games are the only two I am bringing in from the new batch. Note: if you want to see them up close you will have to download the catalog from the link at the top of that page.

My Mind's Eye: Lush Navy & Turquoise are on pre-order as are several Stella and Rose collections!

7 Gypsies: Lille collection has been released, but for whatever reason I have yet to get mine...mental note - call on Monday to see what's up!

Well on that note - I really should sign off for the night - the battery is almost dead on my laptop as I sit here typing, surfing and watching The Continental Cup of Curling on tv! Have a good one ...later!

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