Monday, March 21, 2011

G45...overload? Not a Chance!

So today I am just going to share with you all the pictures I took of the Graphic 45 booth at the retailers event earlier this month....

First we have Aimee & Diane (co-owners of Graphic 45) sharing with us the abundance of inspiration and a cute tag make n' take (see previous post).

Now let's get ready for our curtain call...

Can you believe all I took was this one picture of Le Cirque? Well here it is...still pretty amazing though isn't it?!

If you want to see more Le Cirque (and close up pictures of the mini book on the table in front of Aimee) see this previous post.

Now that this short but sweet (and creativity overloaded) post has you wanting more - why not head over to their blog and see what they have to share as well! Take note of today's post where they are chatting about their visit to Edmonton!

Ready to start working on some of these...all products can be purchased at the store - W2 Scrapbooking!

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