Thursday, March 22, 2012

hello...anybody there?

Yup, I'm here!  Buried under a chit load of snow, product, lists and just about everything else!  I had such big plans on partaking in the Creative Chemistry 101 Class over at Online Card Classes...but once again - life has just simply gotten in the way!  I do try and at least head over to the site daily to download the PDF's and watch a video or two (not doing so good right now)!

Like most of  Eastern Alberta - we too got dumped on Monday afternoon till early Tuesday morning...just a mere 10" in 12 hours!  Thankfully it was a snow day on Tuesday so my son and I headed out to clear the driveways, garage pads and front walk (so good 'ol UPS could arrive) and three hours later...good enough is what I said! It warmed up and we didn't lose any just 'compacted' it!  Now as I type this tonight...what is it doing, you guessed it - SNOWING!  There is already a good 3+ inches out there.  Mother Nature...I think it is time I have a chat with your Superior, you are not making a lot of friends around here!

There has been so much new product arriving here almost daily - the UPS driver has a chuckle every time he comes here saying I think I see you more than my wife!  So what is new you ask - don't think I could even venture to list it all, best thing for you to do is head over to the site and go through the 346 pages of stock or just check out the first ten pages which has been added just over the last week alone!  But just to name a few...
perfect for creating that next 'altered' project...venture out a little - I dare ya!

  try a new adventurous and get a little inky!

vintage you say...heck ya!  Why not a little bit more while we are at it...

so until I dig myself out again...go get inky why don't ya!


Lisa Fritzler said...

I'm taking the course too Wendy. I'm finding some of the stuff a bit repetitive from his videos that he has done before. It's still an excellent course. I just wish I has all of the products.

Wendy Ward said...

in total agreement! Best part is that now we have it all in one spot and don't have to search all over the net or our computers...sad to say I have too much Tim/Ranger (if that is possible)! See you at the retreat!