Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Inspired by...

Kathy Orta!  If you haven't heard of her...where have you been?  Check out here site/blog for all her creativity and inspiration.

This project is one that I have been working on for about 6 months (only because I was procrastinating)!  This book is her Perfect Little Scrapbook Soft Spine II and the tutorial for it can be purchased here.  The basics for the album are kinda what she did, I just made a few minor changes here and there, but nothing major.  The papers used here are ones that Jenny (the proud new owner of the mini) used for her wedding.  This was one of the gifts I promised her I would do for her - this is the 'Guest Book.'  The printed papers inside are from a pack from Michael's, the floral print on the front are ones she ordered from an Etsy stop.

 I created folded pockets that fit inside and are held together with little flaps on each side.  Inside these pockets are all the 'guest cards' that were at each table setting.  There were 10 different questions that prompted the guests to write a response or quip and then of course sign their name.  There are six pockets with many cards inside (hours of reading me)!

Here are a few of the inside page views...

The last page has a blank guest card for them to write a thought or two of their own!  I will be checking up on you Jenny!

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