Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Not to say the Lord's name in vain...but OMG!!!!! Oh my bleeping God! I am literally doing a happy dance (sorry for that image by the way)!

click on photo to link to the big news!

couldn't wait to share the news...this has so made my day!

This is a hot topic of contention amongst our scrapping circle.  I gave my girlfriend heck today cause she used one in a layout...how sad is that! Not to mention I used one last weekend in one of my projects...good to hear they listened to us all gripe!  Will definitely be putting a crap load of them in my CHA 2013 basket!

yeah yeah yeah! Anyone else as happy as me?!


Karen said...

lol Wendy, have to say i joined you in that happy dance when i heard as well!!

Karen said...

I found you through Handmade for the holidays too by the way :)

Wendy Ward said...

Thanks for stopping by Karen! Glad you found me...now I must come find you too!