Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sneak Peeks - Tim Holtz

there’s so much new idea-ology to share today starting with the announcement of “a compendium of curiosities vol.III” so sit back and enjoy…t!m
So here is sure to be a favorite of many!  Directly from his blog, be sure to check it out in more detail if needed at his site! All 'new' releases are circled and have an arrow pointing them out.
The 'BOOK' - Volume three - yay!
I am finding this release very 7Gypsy inspired, and I am totally okay with that as these are two of my favorite lines! I am pretty sure this will be a sizable pre-order. If you know what you want for sure, never hurts to send me your list so you don't loose out (also doesn't hurt to save a tad too)!

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