Friday, November 21, 2014

[more] inspired by...

continued inspiration from yesterday.  The whole goal of my weekend was to do things 'outside' my comfort zone.  Since the only thing outside my comfort zone is 'girlie' (being colors and patterns) - I'd say I did pretty good this weekend!

Page Five:

I took a break from my SheArt Journal and did a page in my Documented Life Journal (oh so far behind am I)! Continuing on the florescent train... it is starting to grow on me!

The base page is a dictionary page so thought I should keep it light (in layers). I did a thin application of gesso and then added Golden High Flow Acrylics in Florescent Orange, Yellow and Green.  The pink strip you see on the side is from Prima Finnabair Elementals Borders (#3 in this case) and simple finger painted on the florescent pink paint. 

once it was dry, I used an old paper towel tube and stamped some circles.  I then finger painted in with Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paints in Magenta, Lime, Turquoise and Blackberry Violet.  Then I doodled along the canvas border.

added dimension with black paint, added some Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paint Tangerine to the small circles.

Next came some Tim Holtz Alpha Cards and Chit Chat Stickers and grunged it up!

finished it up with a bit more scribbles with my Uniball Signo White and Black Pens


Page Six:

After applying a thin coat of gesso I swiped on some colors - sorry, don't know the colors off the top of my head, but pretty sure they are Liquitex.

Did the 'ol trick of wiping away some of the paint via a stencil (Tim Holtz Layering Stencil Harlequin)

back to adding some paper pieces!  This time it's going to be 'birdhouse' inspired!

 once dried, I added some harlequin stamp images using Tim Holtz Distress Stain Picket Fence.  Then I used my Liquitex Paint Marker (White) to create two lines across the bottom (had to add a bit of white gesso to firm up the color), then used my Black Liquitex Paint Marker (Black) to create yet another layer

time to grunge it up with the Faber Castell Brush Pitt Pen (Black) - see my trick in the previous post - I also added some random word stamps through the page.

this page really makes me happy - dark yet bright if that makes sense!

Page  Seven:

this page I used some paper from my stash, it's an old one from Girl's Paperie (think it was a Christmas line, but will have to dig it out again and check).  The paints are once again Dina Wakley, all 'diluted' with white. All were applied with my trusty starbucks gift card! Wiped away the access with a baby wipe.

Here is her hair - so loved how it turned out! I used my finger for the first application of paint then used a fine brush to get the wisps.  I sketched her head, shoulders and arms with my Black Stabilo Pencil.

Sorry for the lack of process shots - guessing I was too into the groove!  The stamp is one I borrowed from a fellow crafter - it is a Stephanie Ackerman by Unity Stamps that I colored with using some Faber Castell Big Brush Pitt Pens.

The birds and flowers are from a very old die cut sheet of Christy Tomlinson back when she designed for Pink Pailsee and the 'grassy' stuff at the base is the Glitz Designs Felicity Mini Roller Doodle Stamp - Chevrons.

Thought the page needed some white space - so I added some dots!  That counts as space - right?!

and outlined the phrase!

onto Page Eight!

Again, thinking I got a massive brain wave and got going on the page and forgot to take pictures!  So I would say my colors are Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paints in Tangerine, Sky and Ruby.  I got an idea on using the already applied paint, when it was still wet, stamped into it with a fresh stamp (in this case yet another Unity), and then randomly stamp it a few times on the page and keep transferring colors along the way - turned out pretty cool don't you think?!

sorry - more missing pictures!  But pretty sure from now you are getting the drift of my easy process!  The papers are Basic Grey Fiction. The birds and butterflies are from the Christy Tomlinson Die Cut sheet.

finished her up with some good 'ol doodling with my Uniball Signo Pens!  Man, they go over anything!!

Page NINE!!

Here I wanted to use this Green Gold in a bad way but since it was a thin for what I wanted...took some advice from Donna Downey who adised us that if you simply add Regular Gel to regular (or high flow) paints - they basically become....HEAVY BODY PAINTS! Genius right?!?!  
And as it turns out, I neglected to take photos yet again (so sorry)!

so with the base being down and once again using the Girls Paperie line, this page was a tough one to do - mainly due to me wanting to get the proportions a bet closure than I had in the past and the angle of the bag was troublesome!  Still not perfect, but you get the idea! I applied the above mixture with my palette knife so it stayed very textureous (guessing that is not a real word, but I'm still using it)!

Time for the next concoction - neon orange and  magneta mixed again with Regular Gel

using my palette knife and starbucks card, I added lines and swipes for more textures and depth. The stamp is another Stephanie Ackerman by Unity Stamps (borrowed from a friend) and then you can see a background stamp of Christy Tomlinson's called SheScript (by Unity).

adding some good old doodling and blending with my Faber Castell Brush Pitt Pen and Uniball Signo Black and White Pens.

here are a few more close up of the scribbles and details.

I have one more page that I started - haven't got around to finishing it - perhaps this is the weekend I will!  Want a sneak peek?

That's all you are getting (for now)!  Wish me luck - this could be the weekend I get some stuff done!

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Have a great day - let's make it a creative one!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Takeover Thursday...

Thought I would do a little different Takeover Thursday today - by ME! Thought it about time I share with you all the pages I did while at Bittern Lake for my semi annual girls weekend!

I thought for a change that I would go with a set plan in mind and not take a boat (okay truck) load of stuff I would not even use. I decided that it was indeed going to be an 'art journal' weekend - that is what inspires me and that is what I really want to do. So off to Pinterest I went and looked at my boards - what stood out to me was the SheArt by the very talented Christy Tomlinson.  So forcing myself to pack accordingly was pretty simple.  I picked two paper pads (one from the store and one from my stash), took only my paints (Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Acrylic Paints, Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paints, Golden High Flow Acrylics) and then most of my mediums (gesso, matte medium, gel medium, acrylic glaze, etc).  I brought three journals along with a new one I created specifically for this project.

This all I took - as it turns out, I could have even eliminated the two file boxes (good to know for next time).  On a good note though, I took the time to finally organize all my papers and ephemera pieces into 12x12" file pockets so now when I get going on my journal(s) it is all ready to go!

So enough of the boring stuff - let get going on what I actually accomplished!

It all started with an idea talked about quite some time ago - why can't you simply make a journal out of scrapbook paper from your stash?  Lord knows I have a sizable stash of papers!  So in I dug and came out with some old Making Memories and Jenni Bowlin papers.  I wanted a good size journal, but not 12x12" nor did I want it 6x12" - so cut and paste I did so my final book was 8.5x11"!  I scored, cut and pasted the pages together and then stitched it with twine.



The pages are mixed in patterns and size.  It was fun, quick and easy to make - thinking it may very well be a new go to for me!

I started every page with a layer of Gesso - can't say it was really needed on all applications - but it did provide a good starting point.  I tried to keep everything pretty simple, so applied it using an old gift card.

All the following pages were inspired by posts I found on Pinterest and can be found here.

Page One:

Once the Gesso was dry, I tore up paper from Basic Grey Fiction Paper Pad 12x12" trying to keep it more on the 'girlie' side.

Once I had the placement I wanted, I adhered it all down with Golden Matte Medium.

When it was dry, I applied a rough coat of White Gesso using a palette knife so it not only added texture, but toned down the colors.

I tore and cut up more paper to create the shape of the dress and then sketched a head and finger painted her hair.

time for some more texture - so modeling paste and stencils it is.

time for some doodling and finishing touches... 


This is the second half of the page - I simply torn out four hearts and added some finishing touches!

darkened up the hearts with more of my Faber Castell Pitt Brush Pen (Black) and the writing on the side is with my Black Fude Ball 

The finished page - love how the Faber Castell Pitt Pens work with Matte Medium.  It allows you to blend within seconds of applications but once it is dry - it is permanent.  I did find that I was able to manipulate the  timing with either water or a baby wipe when needed within the first minute.  The black scribble flower in the top is actually Tulip Fabric Paint, a technique I have been wanted to try.  Have a ways to go with it still, not sure if I am liking the finish of the product, but am willing to continue to work with it an see what I can do.

Page two:

This one makes me very happy!  I used as my base  Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paints in Turquoise and White along with some Liquitex Basics Yellow. I applied it all with a starbucks card!  

I used bit of the ephemera from Pink Paislee's Cottage Farms Paper Goods Ephemera Pack and accented with my Faber Castell Black Brush and Black Fude Ball pens and a Christy Tomlinson Script Stamp by Unity.


Really like how the different page sizes come into play.  Sure love the Jenni Bowlin Die Cut papers!

Page Three:

This one was a challenge by my good friend and partner in craft crimes - Anita Bee! Anita is the one that usually 'takes over' my blog on Thursdays.

She gave me Florescent Poster Paints, sea shells and Prima Texture Paste Black Beads.  Here we go!

I started with Golden Teal Acrylic Paint and paper from the Basic Grey Fiction Paper Pad.

Here we go with the florescents...

Texture Paste...

Bits of torn up paper (once again from BG Fiction), the stamped images are from an old Claudine Hellmuth Studio set - Doodles

here are the sea shells...

I added my own finishing touches with more Faber Castell Brush Pens, stamps and scribbles!

Page Four:

This time I again covered up the base with paper pieces

adhered it using Matte Medium 

My color palette

Here is where I got a brainwave and got so excited and forgot to take a photo!  I used Hazel & Ruby's Letter Mask to spell out a phrase.  Painted over it with the above color palette.

when it is was partially dried, I pulled away the mask letters.

think I may have been a tad heavy on the paint (oops)!

I sketched out a heart and then went over it with my Black Brush Pen and blended it with my finger so it wasn't too clean. 

outlined my letters with my Uniball Signo Black Gel Pen (it has a finer tip).

Wanted the heart stronger, so finger painted with some black acrylic paint.

Added a torn heart and colored it with some Dina Wakley Magenta Heavy Body Paint.  I then outlined the large heart with more of the Tulip Paint in Yellow (almost a florescent) and then used a needle to swipe out the line to once again create another level of texture.

here are a few more close ups...

Well I think that is enough for you today!  It is pretty heavy with photos so do not want to bore you.  Will post more tomorrow...see you then!

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Have a great day - let's make it a creative one!