Monday, January 26, 2015

No need to keep MUM about it any longer!

Well finally - it is here! 

So many of you have asked for it and I am finally going ahead with it.  Here is the first kit for 2015!  For this one - I have labeled it "Leaving Your Mark" 

This limited edition mark making kit includes many different textures and patterns that will provide interesting effects – simply use your imagination and don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and beyond the product.
This kit is not just for art journaling. There is no reason you can’t use these items in your scrapbook pages as well. Enjoy the process and I look forward to seeing what kind of mark you will leave on your path to creativity.

Along with what is included in this kit (over 12 pcs), there are so many more ‘marks’ you can use.  The key is to look at an object differently. Look for texture, pattern and effect.

This collection of unique and interesting tools and products can be used in so many ways!  I have asked a guest to join in this month with her take on the kit - please Welcome Glenda Schoepp-Drake with her take on the kit.

This first project is done on an canvas and Glenda has used some great great techniques and was very inventive and adventurous in this project.  From the kit she included and used: wire mesh, rubber grip, silicone pad, shelf liners and the skewer.

can you pick out where she used it all? 

This tag - Glenda used and included: shelf liner, sand paper & a rubber bracelet 

This is a 12x12" again, Glenda has used her creative juices (I'd think they are simply genius) and included the wire mesh, sand paper, shelf liner, gripper, place mat and rubber bands!

I purposely did not tell Glenda what to do with the product, I wanted to see her genius go and go it did! She not only used it to create 'marks' but she actually used it ON her projects! Way to go Glenda, you once again knocked it out of this world!  To see more of Glenda's work, be sure to check out her blog!

I had hoped to get more samples done to share with you - but alas...the shop and the crop simply took up too much time (not that I am complaining)! I chose to use most of mine as actual 'mark making''s a peak!

The wire mesh was used to create texture by dragging it through the paints, then I used it as a stencil and sprayed through it.

A comb is a great tool for creating texture through paints and gels!

pulled out my handy brayer - rolled out the paint on the craft mat then then onto the silicone mat!

Now I simply used it as a stamp!

Added more color and repeated.

Can you see the stamp....

a small twist - roll up the silicone mat, wrap with some elastics and roll in paints and onto your page.

Dipped the button into black paint and stamped the page.

The cool thing with mark making - is you can make it your own and you are only limited by your imagination!

So here it  is...there are only 6 available  2 left!  Get them while you can...

 It will start shipping Tuesday January 27, and go Canada Post Oversized Letter Mail.

Here are some more samples using this kit!

See you next month with a great NEW kit full of wonderful product that will surely inspire you too!

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