Monday, August 24, 2015


If you follow me on Facebook, you already know the story - but here is the story  in all it's glory!

One of my besties (Anita B Crafty) was down in North Carolina (USA) for a Donna Downey class (Paint Like an Artist) back in June.  I was stalking Donna's feeds on her Facebook and Instagram accounts trying to see what Anita was doing.  Every time a photo was posted I was frantically searching for Anita!  I'd see random shots of art work pieces and thinking, "No, that's not her" or "No, not her style).  Chatting back and forth to Anita while she was there...she was giving me nothing!  Told me I would just have to wait!

Fast forward a few weeks....Donna did an Inspiration Wednesday episode using what or should I say who we all now know as Julius! This was the little dude I had seen on one of his paintings during the stalking phase.  Since I was already following Brian Miller on his blog/website, I headed back over to his site to see what was up there.  Brian once again introduced us to Julius with this post.  Julius simply makes me smile, so I decided to make a comment.  Well....three weeks later - what shows up in my inbox?

I couldn't have come at a better time!  Pretty sure Julius (and Brian) thought I was off my rockers when I sent back my response to the email!

Anyhoo...two weeks later, Julius made his long track (over 4400 km) from Florida to Alberta!

Is he not simply the cutest?!

Julius is proudly on my wall of my work station and he and I have become fast friends!

If you too would like a little piece of Julius...head over to Brian's site here and download your own PDF version of Julius for you to create your own original piece of art!

To see the finished original piece of Brian's that caught my eye check out his blog here.  This is the other piece that I thought was so creative.

I have downloaded Julius and created a page or two for myself.  Here is a sample of a happy accident that happened while printing off a re-sized image....

Doesn't he make you giggle?  I had a paper jam in my printer, and thinking I really needed to save this paper as it was my last one....I flattened out the paper and re-fed it into the printer thinking it would miss the blob of ink!  Ya, no!  But man did I get a giggle out of it when I grabbed it off the printer!  Made me think he had a diaper on!  I had created a Julius Jr!

Thanks for stopping by...stay creative!

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