Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday Inspiration....

If you follow me on Instagram (@w2scrpbk) or Facebook you will have seen some of this already, but I am going to go through it a bit more and give the details on where you too can create this style of journal.

I have followed Roben-Marie Smith for many years now and she never ceases to inspire me as I am sure you too will find out once you take the time to scope her out!  When she was unrolling her new site, she made a generous offer to provide one of her previous workshops - Urban Journal (Re-Mix) free to anyone who simply signed up for an account (free) on her new site. Here is the link to that offer.

Roben-Marie can be found here: site, blog, instagram, facebook, pinterest and I am sure loads more places if you looked!

Here is my take on her journal workshop.

Originally I have went to our local thrift store in search of an older book that I could dismantle accordingly - I did find one, not exactly what I was after, but thought I could make it work. Then....
the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow appeared....that being Glenda Schoepp-Drake of Boozybear!  She gave me a call on her way home from Edmonton asking if I could make use of some old encyclopedias....ah, YA!!

And the fun began....

I will just give you more of a photo based post here on my project as you really do need to head over to Roben-Marie's site to get your FREE entrance to the workshop (it's the right thing to do)!

I did mine very similar to Roben-Maries, but did make some changes in the fact that I mixed up the type(s) of papers I used when making my signatures.  I had wanted to keep a few original signatures of the book...

...until I came across these bad boys! Industrial staples! UGH!! 

So off I went to (hopefully not) destroying my book guts.

This encyclopedia is from 1976 (actually 1977) and I really got a kick out of some of the artictles!  Check out this one...

My first set up of the signatures was all the same paper substrates in the same signature, four sets of six. That changes soon as I try desperately to figure out how to get other substrates in there.

You will see that the pages are larger than the book - that's okay with me, you can cut to fit if that drives you crazy.  I happen to like the look.

Here is how the spine looks once you have stitched them all in.  In my case, four signatures. 

I ended up mixing up the paper substrates.  I have four signatures, three with four signatures and one with three.  I ended up making a fifth paper substrate using pages from the encyclopedia.  I double up the pages so they would be able to stand up to the application of paints and such.

Next comes the cover...

I have been hoarding this burlap bag for probably 5 years!  I bought that bag of rice strictly because of the bag!

attached a sheet of paperbacked canvas (paper side out) to the side of the bag I was going to attach to the actual journal.

only stitched three sides

as I wanted to incorporate the zippered pouch into the cover.

stitched across the back to create the pocket.  The second stitch was strictly for cosmetic reasons.  It just looked better when I wrapped it around the binding of the book.

I adhered the cover to the encyclopedia journal with Super Heavy Gel Medium.

Once gel was set, I cut off one of the handles (only because I should have done it before, but you know how ideas come sometimes. 

I attached it tot he back using my crop-a-dile and large eyelets.

There you have it!  I have already started playing in the journal and am really enjoying the variety of paper substrates to play on. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see what I have done with this weeks prompts for Weekend Junket!

see you soon, and thanks for stopping by!

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