Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I'm Alive & Kicking!

Yes, it has been that crazy round here.  Life in general has been hectic and then add a business into the mix...well it makes it pretty tough!  After taking the time to do Rae's challenge I had to make up the time!

Year end and taxes kept getting pushed off to the side in hopes they would just do it on their own - ya, didn't happen.  New product releases came fast and furious and you all kept me on my toes.  Had a few family things to take care of and course hope to get some arting in there (ya, that didn't happen either).

I was approached early last month to be a guest instructor at a local studio.  It has been something I have been asked to do many times but always turned down as I have always been so selfish with my family time - evening and weekends where always for hubby and kid.  Well kid is all grown up and no longer living at home, hubby says go for it - so that is what I will do.

Trying to decide on what to teach is always tough for me.  I am a firm believer in learning the basics first though, so decided on offering a two part Intro to Art Journaling workshop.  For any of my local peeps, Loopaloo Ceramic & Craft Studio is where I will be teaching.  Depending on how it goes, will determine on how I will proceed with future workshops. There will be an influx of several local 'Art'sy instructors offering a variety of classes and workshops.

Here is a sampling of what I will be doing:

For part one we will focus on creating amazing pages using acrylic paints and collage elements.
Then adding a creative edge with pens.  Along the way, there will be continued sharing of my knowledge on art journaling and everything that goes along with it - all the time making sure not to overwhelm the new artist.

For the second half of the workshop, I will delve into a few more techniques and products just to show you what ones imagination can create when provided with the proper tools and resources.

To see more on this event, please check out Loopaloo's Facebook page here if you are interested in taking part in the event, here is a link to booking a seat.

Another fun project I did was adding some of Roben-Marie Smith's free downloadable art printables to covers of sketchbooks and Moleskines. Roben had a mini blog tutorial showing what she was doing and I of course just had some fun with it.

  I decided to make a couple more too...

I am heading out of town this weekend to a semi-annual crafting weekend, so plan on doing some major art journaling pages and maybe even a canvas(or two)! I want to work on Rae's #30artmarks30daychallenge Part Two and try once again to limit my product and tools. So with any luck, I'll post more next week, in the mean time be sure to keep an eye out on instagram and/or facebook for some pics!

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