Friday, August 15, 2014

New Releases from RANGER!

I had about given up on getting any new releases for Dina Wakley or Dyan Reaveley for this summer when BAMM!! There they finally show up on my feeds!

Here are the releases from Ranger (to see the complete release, check HERE).  I am bringing in (for now) just the ones I have shown below.

Dina's release has me very excited!  Her stamps and stencils have my mind a whirl with ideas already! I think right now, the two stencils that I am attracted to are of course the mosaic and the queen - what about you?  As for the stamps...ya, all of them!!
 Now for Dyan - oh my oh my!  Definitely after Strength, Surrender & Survivor in the stamps (so me).  As for the stencils - for me it is Diamonds, Arrows and Stars.  You?
If you have already got the Black and Red, then you are sure to want the Blue (right?)! I am so in love with these pens - write over everything I have tried so far!  I will for sure be adding a couple more of these to my tickle trunk! 
These Artist Brushes are great!  Great price point and since there are a variety of shapes and sizes in the package, great starting and adding point for any journal/mixed media project!  Don;t quote me on it, but I am pretty confident that these are the same as the previously sold  as Claudine Hellmuth Studio Artist Brushes (still by Ranger though).

These items are all due in before the end of the month!  Be sure to watch Facebook and W2 Scrapbooking for updates (and you never know, maybe even here on the blog!)

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