Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Room Runnith Over....

(is that really how one spells runnith?) Heck if I know...but that is how it will stay!

This week has been chalked full of orders coming in and out! All new stuff that has arrived this week is on the site (finally)! Some of you that popped over this week were lucky enough to see my room at it's prime(mess) with all the new goodies!

This week marked the arrival of some of the new lines - Teresa Collins & Stampers Anonymous. Not to mentions new Jenni Bowlin Front Porch, more & replenished 7 Gypsies (like I do not have enough of that already - no I don't), Tim Holtz, and finally Maya Road Sheers have been restocked (along with a few new ones)!

Let's start with Teresa Collins - where does one start....

This is one creative lady and I have been using her stuff for a long time and am happy that she is out on her own (used to be with Junkitz) and more creative than ever! She has this amazing Envelope Book that is available in a kit. It comes loaded with just about everything you need to finish the project - even the Bind it All O Wire if you so choose! But don't feel you have to use that option! You could use binder rings, ribbon, clips....check out your local office supply store for great inspirations!
There is also 7"x13" chipboard covers in black or white (scalloped or tabbed) to make your own cool altered book! But it that is not your cup of tea...wait until next week as I have kits coming to make your brain work a little bit less! Full detailed instructions are included in all these kits!

I have several of her 'Travelogue' Die Cut Sheets that have four shapes per sheet. These can be easily combined and made into a mini book, once again with your choice of bindings! Or simply use them as journaling spots on a layout or add them to a mini book for added fun. I hope to do some playing with these soon as my mind is awhirl with ideas for uses!

Her 8x8 papers will be fun to use on their own or once again Incorporated on larger 12x12 sheets of your liking! The papers can be bought in value packs or individually.

Then there are the 8x8 transparencies! Available two ways...the entire 'Crush' set (six)

or you can go with the entire 8x8 collection of Teresa Collins transparencies....

Let's move on for a bit to Stampers Anonymous! I have a load of Tim Holtz Collection in and a load already gone (sorry)! If you have not ever tried these - you are in for a treat! I have never used a stamp that takes the ink (Tim Holtz's Distressed Inks of course) so well! I created a cool binder for myself to keep track of all my orders (special & pending) it turned out great! I will take some photo's and post them later! Here are just a few of the stamps available right now...

Fairytale Frenzy

Slight Alterations

Ornate Collages

Creative Collages

World Traveler

This is just to name a few (there are more on their way, due in early next week)! Well that is it for now...I will post more later (have to run and pick up my kid from school), but in the mean time head over to the store to see it all for yourself!

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