Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Check it out!

Got my Log your Memory Memory Book printed up and bound! Took a few days to print it all out and organize it how I wanted it - but it is done and turned out pretty good. I was fortunate to get the download during a promo from the site that allowed me to get the Dec '09 file as well. I bound it all together (Dec '09 and 2010).
NOTE: One thing I will tell you is that when I printed it off, I used the fast draft option as there are 388 pages for 2010 and 44 for Dec '09). The inside pages themselves I used basic printer papers and cardstock for covers and months only.

As an added feature I printed the months of the year on kraft cardstock on landscape mode using 200 pt font and adjusted the margins to the bare minimums so the months would be tight to the edges.

Here are a couple more photos of how my book turned out...

Products used: Bind it All, 1.25" Black Coils, 8.5"x11" Bazzill Basics Kraft Cardstock (sorry used it all up, but there is some 12x12 left).
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