Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was talking to my friend today and the topic of goals came up...(insert laugh here).  Anyone that knows me, knows they don't work well with me.  So, this has got me thinking (yes, I do that often...while surfing the net needless to say).  What is a goal? According to Websters Dictionary on line...


  1. (in football, soccer, rugby, hockey, and some other games) A pair of posts linked by a crossbar and often with a net attached behind it,...
  2. An instance of sending the ball or puck into or over this space, esp. as a unit of scoring in a game.
Synonyms:aim - purpose - target - object - objective - end - mark
hmmm...something is not right here!  Let's try this again....

this one is looking a bit better (Collins English Dictionary)!

goal [gəʊl]
1. the aim or object towards which an endeavour is directed
2. the terminal point of a journey or race
3. (Team Sports, other than specified) (in various sports) the net, basket, etc. into or over which players try to propel the ball, puck, etc., to score
4. (Team Sports, other than specified) Sport
a.  a successful attempt at scoring
b.  the score so made
5. (Team Sports, other than specified) (in soccer, hockey, etc.) the position of goalkeeper
[perhaps related to Middle English gol boundary, Old English gǣlan to hinder, impede]
goalless  adj

So it is once again looking like there is a lot of reference to sports here...what gives with that?  So back to goals...I will try and work on some - really I will!  I AM GOING TO CREATE!

Here we go, I'm going to put it in writing...

1. Finish Jenny's Album;
2. Work on the 7Gypsies Photo Shadowbox Tray, just like this one!

or perhaps one of these!

3. Create a mini book using...
  • Jenni Bowlin
  • October Afternoon
  • Studio Calico
4. play with embossing powders!

K, I'm gonna quit now and not strive too high - don't want to let anyone down!  Oh, and this will be done by September 2012!  Be sure to check back and make sure I succeed....


Anonymous said...

DID YOU REALLY DO ALL THESE?? (Melissa Strocher) I want to see your 7G Tray!!! oh wait, septembers not over yet.....

Wendy Ward said...

pretty close Melissa! Just no October Afternoon Mini or nothing with Embossing Powders. Not bad - considering it is ME we are talking about!!