Thursday, May 31, 2012

Washi Washi WOO!

Washi Washi Who you - it is Washi Washi WOO!!  So what is Washi (Tape) you ask?  Well sit back and allow me to tell you a little story!

About a year or two ago I saw this stuff start peeking here and there on the web and the odd company line.  I of course fell in love with it and wanted it all....yes, I mean all!  My stash has grown quite large and I am NOT embarrassed to admit it!  Only that I do not like to use it in case I ever should run out...then what would I do?!

The original washi tapes came from Japan.  They are a 'tissue' type, printed and or colored sticky back decorative strip of paper on a roll.  Think of that cheap dollar store masking tape that doesn't stick to anything...only washi tape does just about everything!  It is not 'sticky' but more tacky if that makes sense, but sticks!  Widths seem to vary per company, but the most common one seems to be about half and inch.  Also, depending on the company seems to depend on that 'base' you will get.  By 'base' I mean tissue, paper or masking.  Those seem to be the top three and how I find them to be best described.  One could if they so chose, put Gaffer tape into the mix, but I think not...that is a field all in it's own and 7 Gypsies owns it!

So speaking of companies - who has jumped on the washi bandwagon?  I think it is safe to say that 7 Gypsies was the first (here in North America...but don't quote me on it), theirs were marketed as Paper Tapes and many of their signature lines had this as a coordinating embellishment.

Then there is the Collage Tapes: These are more like a light masking tape.

Then of course Tim Holtz brought out his Tissue Tapes and it all exploded even more.  Amazing how one man can make such a drastic change in the industry isn't it?!
One interesting thing to point out is that all his tissue tapes are formulated to accept ink!  Yup, if you want to change it up a bit, simply drag over the tissue tape with your favorite Tim Holtz Distressing Ink or Stain and you will have your own chosen color.

Who else...well how about K & Company!  They too brought it out with their SMASH line!

SMASH Collection - Calendar Tape
SMASH Collection - Swatch TapeSMASH Collection - Black Dots Tape
Then there is Queen & Co and their Trendy Tapes:

Cosmo Cricket Washi Tapes:

We R Memory Keepers Washi Tapes:

There are several 'fabric' tapes as well put out by Prima & Love My Tapes.  For a complete showing of all available 'tapes' currently available at W2 Scrapbooking - check out here.

You can also do the obvious and 'google it' as most of us do and just see for yourself the vast of items available for you in this area and just what you can do with it.

You can simply add it to tags to create you own unique personalized gift tag; decorate your gift paper or bags (white, kraft or whatever) with your own designs; make a card; decorate and create your own background on your next layout; bind a book; shall I go on?

There are also many blogs out there that have demo'd making their own washi tape.  I have tried the one using images from the web and putting it on mailing labels...ya - not for me!  There are ones out there that have used their Xyron or ScorTape / Be Creative Tapes with tissue paper that I may have to try just for something different.

Well I hope this rambling has inspired you to perhaps use some of your tapes or venture out and try something new.  I am thinking I may have to add 'use some of my washi tapes' to the 'Goal List'!

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