Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inspired by...

pinterest....I saw this one on a Pinterest a while back and  it is actually only a card that I converted into a mini book.  The base is made with two sheets of 12x12 paper and then I junked it up!  The size is 4 x 6".

 Here is a really quick how to:  Score 12x12" cardstock at 6"; 

score at 4" and 8"

cut the scored lines in the two sections as shown being sure to cut only to center fold.

now, fold over top left flap onto top right side of page.

 and then flip right bottom over onto top on bottom right side.
now fold up as shown below...(trust me, hard to describe otherwise)

I made mine into pockets by adhering with a tiny strip of glue in the two valleys and peaks and then when I adhered the two separate folded papers together, I made that one into a pocket too.  Then all I did was use some of my Jillibean Soup stash of papers (Cream of Mushroom), Journaling Sprouts & Bean Seeds, Shipping Tags, Seam Binding Tape (that I color matched to my papers using Tim Holtz's Distress Stains).

If you want to see the original version of this please check it out here!

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