Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Always Looking, Always Researching...

I wonder sometimes if I should have been a lifetime student.  Then I think about actually going to school and then quickly shake my head and wake up from that daydream! I do love to learn and I really love to research - weird I know.

I am (almost) on the computer and web daily searching for something to inspire me, learn from, and then of course share with you.  More often I am looking for something that will not cost me an arm and a leg or my first born (he's the only one I have)!

Today on the W2 Scrapbooking & Mixed Media Art Studio Facebook page I shared another one for you.  So now I will share a bit more of what I found over the years of following (aka stalking) Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

Earlier this year Julie Fei Fan Balzer started a new venture in her ever creative art(sy) world called Make it Artsy. It consists of a website, YouTube channel and Instagram account.  There are TV shows as well that I believe will be aired on PBS starting tomorrow (September 29 2016). I have yet to find it here in Canada, but I am still looking of course.  I did see on the site that there are DVD's available for purchase for Series 100 (13 episodes).  These episodes range from altered books all the way to metals and of course include art journal and mixed media projects too.

**  UPDATE:  Full episodes are on their website!  **

There are 4 DVD's for $39.99 usd (+ $8.00 usd for shipping to Canada).  Something to consider if you want full episodes. The thing about the YouTube channel is that it is only a part of the full episode found on the DVD's (or tv show I am assuming), but I am able to get inspiration from these and go with it from there. It is amazing how you can take inspiration from someone elses project and make it your own. Having said that, it is very important to state credit where and when credit is due - especially when posting online.

Other places you can find Julie are Scrapbook Soup and Balzer Designs.

Scrapbook Soup (previously known as Scrapbook Memories Series 100-1600) is a similar format as Make it Artsy. It's base is everything Scrapbooking of course. It is into it's fifth series now.

Balzer Designs is her website/blog.  On there you will find so much information you may need to be prepared to be there a while.   As you can see from the above graphic, there are links to her blog, podcast (with her mom, priceless), classes and her shop just to name a few. Julie is very artistic and is so full of creative goodness is oozes from her!

She shares loads of her creativeness (so much free) in Art Journaling, Stamp Carving, Pen & Ink, Stencils (which she designs for Crafter's Workshop) and so much more.  I find a handy part of her site is the Archives - makes for easy navigation.  You can find many of her blog series here along with easy link to her blog archives by categories.

Other places you can find Julie - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter (@balzerdesigns).

Hope you enjoyed this post and take the time to head over to check out Julie's sites - I am sure you too will find some great inspiration along the way!

until next time...stay creative!

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