Friday, September 30, 2016

Weekend Junket #20


add character - image transfer
product focus - gold leaf/foil sheets
texture - fabric

Wow, can you believe we are on number 20 already? Hope you are enjoying this year of prompts.  This week I was really hoping to get the chance to do this set before hand but sorry to say I just didn't have the time. September has been uber busy for me and October is not looking much better!

On a happy note, a week of October is being taken up by my trip to Seattle (WA) to Northwest Country Art Retreat Center to take part in their Grand Opening.  Lisa is hosting Donna Downey where she will provide us with the Paint Like an Artist Workshop (October 6-9)!

** Please be sure to take note of the shipping notice on the site regarding this.  **

Now back to the prompts...

A couple tips that I have found when it comes to image transfers:

  • When using Inkjet printer - use Golden Reg Gel (Matte) for best results.  My best results have been when I apply the gel liberally (but not too thick) onto your surface with a brush.  Then I put the image down face first and lightly burnish it with your hand for about one to two minutes max.  I then slowly peel back the sheet to see how the image has transferred.  If it needs more time in that area, simple lay back down and burnish as needed until you can pull back the entire sheet.  I have have 95% success rate this way.
  • When using Laser printer - most other gels need to be dried fully and then sprayed with water and rubbed off to the point of loosing your finger prints.  If you choose to do it this way, more power to you! Having said that, if you are wanting a more crisp almost perfect image this is definitely the way to go.  I simply prefer a more vintage &/or grungy look.


You can use whatever your little heart desires!  Perhaps you can channel Donna Downey and her love of muslin; perhaps pull out some of that Tim Holtz fabric you are hoarding; hey, maybe even grab an old pair of jeans and cut them up...totally up to you!  The important thing to note is how you are going to adhere it to your project page.  Again, depending on what your project plans are (or maybe you don't know where it may head), the heavier the fabric the heavier (stronger) the adhesive needs to be.  You can also staple it, use some of those 'vintage' brads &/or eyelets, just go with it - have fun!

Hope you simply let go on this one and have some fun with it!  Have a great weekend, once I am back I will blog all about my trip of course!  Until then....stay creative!

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